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The Configuration of NIKE ZOOM Freak 3

NIKE Zoom Freak 3 has been released. The price is cheap. Many guys hesitate to purchase Zoom Freak 3 and Kyrie 7. What about the performance of Zoom Freak 3? Let’s have a look at it today.

The design of Zoom Freak 3 is similar to Zoom Freak 2. But the appearance of Zoom Freak 3 is more complicated. It adds a piece of Verclo design on the forefoot. It uses reverse Swoosh logo as Freak 1 on the shoe collar.

From this angle of Verclo, it looks like Kyrie 7.

The shoe heel has pull-tab design which is convenient to put on. The pull-tab design looks good.

The shoe-tongue has Antetokounmpo’s personal logo.

The upturning design of insole is a characteristic of Zoom Freak series shoes. Giannis Antetokounmpo require good stability of the basketball shoes.

The wave ripple pattern outsole has great traction performance, it already have good feedback in the market.

Zoom Freak 3 VS Kyrie 7:

The overall performance of Kyrie 7 is great. Although it doesn’t have anti-torsion plate, but the strength of the shoes can offer good supporting performance to you when exercising. So I think that it can’t judge the anti-torsion performance of a pair of basketball shoes by with or without anti-torsion plate. Although it doesn’t have new conception, but the performance of Zoom Turbo cushion is good. Kyrie 7 is suitable for lightweight defenders.

Certainly, the upgraded ZOOM Freak 3 is great. The Zoom Freak series basketball shoes are always the same. But the design and configuration have been improved.

You can choose the shoes by your request.

What about the configuration of ZOOM Freak 3?

The rear sole of ZOOM Freak 3 has double-deck Zoom Air cushion, and the forefoot sole has fan shaped Zoom Air cushion on the previous ZOOM Freak series shoes. ZOOM Freak 3 has two Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole. The configuration of ZOOM Freak series shoes have been improved. The position of ZOOM Freak 3 air cushion is similar to Air Zoom BB NXT . It can offer faster feedback.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: ASICS GELBURST 25 LOW

ASICS has started to develop the basketball shoes. Today we want to share ASICS GELBURST 25 LOW with you.


The shoebox is concise. The front side of shoebox is printed with ASICS logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

It uses adaptive fit vamp. The air permeability and fitness of vamp is good. It’s covered thick hot pressed film which improves the supporting performance and protection.

The shoe-tongue has big mesh. It has good air permeability.  The middle part uses dynamic shoelace holes which run through the vamp. After fastening the shoelaces, it can offer good protection and lateral support.

The side vamp is decorated with bright silver tiger claw logo.

The lining uses anti-skid design to avoid being loosen when exercising.

The shoe heel has surrounding TPU plate which extends to the outboard of shoe collar improves the overall fitness and supporting performance.

The shoe head position uses stitching design. The actual durability is great.

The outboard forefoot insole has widened design which improves the lateral supporting performance.

The PROPULSION TPU TRUSSTIC TPU stabilizing plate extends from forefoot sole to shoe heel. The big area of TPU stabilizing plate reduces the bending of metatarsophalangeal joints to avoid the unnecessary waste of energy and flank ahead.

The arch position also has TPU stabilizing plate which offers more strength to the insole.

The stabilizing plate also has a lot of ventilated holes which keeps the good air permeability.

The FLYTEFOAM lightweight insole technology keeps good cushion performance and lightweight. It’s said that the insole has a piece of GEL cushion. I expected the shape and size of the GEL cushion.

The outsole has flex grooves. The center vortex pattern can help the athletes to speed up.

The pattern of rear sole can offer more stability. With non-marking rubber, it can offer better traction performance.

The position of shoe-pad arch is upturning which can fit the foot well. The ventilated holes can improve the air permeability effectively.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 275mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is about 95.64mm.

The thickness of  EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 5mm.

The EVA material insole fabric has a lot of ventilated holes on the arch part.

The ventilated holes on the arch position are not decoration. It offers good air permeability.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 ASICS GELBURST 25 LOW is only about 365.6g.


The ASICS GELBURST 25 LOW continues the style of GELBURST series. The appearance is simple and useful. It doesn’t have extra decoration. The weight is light and size is standard. The opening of shoe tongue is big, it’s convenient for putting on and taking off. The flat type shoelaces are not easy to loosen. It is comfortable. The insole is a little stiff in the beginning. After a period, you will feel the cushioning feedback obviously. The cushion performance maybe not good enough for heavy weight athletes. The insole is quite stable. The good air permeability can keep the foot dry.

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Saucony Endorphin Pro Performance Review

The most popular running shoes are carbon fiber plate racing shoes. The Saucony brand is always my favorite racing shoes brand. It released its main product line–Endorphin series, which includes Pro series for racing, Speed series for training and Shift series for jogging.

Today we want to talk about the top-level racing shoes of Saucony –Endorphin Pro carbon fiber plate racing shoes. It released the brand-new Endorphin Pro 2 recently.

Endorphin Pro 2 has released two colorways, blue/white and black/white. It will release more colorways.

The shoebox is black and white grid flag pattern.

The grid flag of F1 game

The size is standard.

The right above view: The vamp is very thin. The vamp uses big area of grid flag pattern.

The outboard view: The diamond-shaped black and white lattice combination presents fast dynamic.

The heelpiece view

The view of inner side of shoes

The shoe head has crashproof design.

The outsole view: as a pair of racing shoes, the lightweight is the necessary requirement. So it uses simple outsole design.

Outsole design

The insole material is similar to BOOST (based on TPU material), combining with Saucony insole technology–PWRRUN PB technology (with built-in full-length shovel type carbon plate), and using the supercutical fluid foaming technology, it improves the durability of cushion. When running, it can offer more than 88% energy feedback. And its density is 40% lighter than EVA material.

The density of outsole material is big. The outsole rubber is only used on the important parts.

It still uses simple yellow outsole design on both sides. The groove of outsole has embossed SAUCONY logo.

The outsole design of forefoot sole is to improve the traction performance. So it’s V shaped pattern with two longitudinal lines. Other parts are hollow-out design. We can see the foaming material of insole.

The vamp is made of single layer fabric. The ventilated holes are re-designed.

The ventilated holes are special.

From this angle, the shoe heel is very thin.

It’s worthy to mention the design of shoelaces.

On the arch position, it adds a fixed antiskid belt. It has two crimson shoe buckles on both sides. With the flat type shoelaces, it improves the stability.

The Saucony logo on the side of running shoes uses hot film technology. The shoe-pad is still double-deck classic design. The fabric is anti-skid.


1. The appearance of Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is cool. It should be first pair of running shoes which uses the grid flag as main colorway. It’s very attractive.

  1. Excellent resilience. I can feel the resilience after wearing Endorphin Pro 2. I can get the enough feedback from the insole of Endorphin Pro 2. The feedback is obvious.
  2. The vamp is very thin. It’s light. The EUR42 Endorphin Pro 2 is only 213g.
  3. It’s very comfortable. Endorphin Pro 2 balances the fitness and air permeability well. It has good fitness and air permeability.
  4. The performance of Endorphin Pro 2 is great, but the price is a little too high.
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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

As the first pair of Zion Williamson, Jordan Zion 1 get highly attention after being exposed. We want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of , Jordan Zion 1 with you today.


  1. It uses full-length Air Strobel and forefoot Zoom air cushion.

Although the location of Air Strobel on NIKE and Jordan brand is mid-low end, it’s soft, but not very resilient. It’s too soft, so I can’t exert the force well. It will effect the starting speed. But the forefoot Zoom air cushion solve this problem. If you use forefoot to exert the force, it will improve the sluggish feeling, but it will also need to drain a lot of fatigue. Overall, the configuration is special, the experience is good.

  1. Good traction performance

The outsole of Jordan Zion 1 is ice blue crystal outsole, and it has partial rubber. It has excellent traction performance most of times. You don’t need to worry about the traction performance on clean indoor court. But as you know, the traction performance of crystal outsole will decline after absorbing the dust.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The forefoot vamp of Jordan Zion 1 is made of thin reticulated. The rear part uses hot-melting material. It fits the foot very well.

The middle part of vamp is very tight. The front two shoelaces couples should be dynamic shoelaces. The width of shoe head is moderate. Unless your foot is wide or high instep, Jordan Zion 1 should be able to fit you.


The location of Jordan Zion 1 is wired. It seems that Jordan Zion 1 is unsuitable to Zion Williamson. The soft Air Stobel is also unsuitable to the playing way of Zion Williamson. The design is not very strong.

Overall, it’s hard for me to exert the force in the beginning, so I’m disappointed at it. But after changing to use forefoot sole to exert the force, I think Jordan Zion 1 is very comfortable, the feedback also can be fast. Normally, the inner lines basketball shoes are heavy, especially for Zion Williamson, so many guys don’t have the expectation for the weight of Jordan Zion 1. But actually, Jordan Zion 1 is lighter than many defenders’ shoes, even if comparing with the brand-new NIKE GT low type shoes. The light weight is a surprise.

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Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3 Performance Review

Donovan Mitchell scored more than 30 points on 6 playoff games.  Adidas cooperating with Donovan Mitchell released the 3rd signature shoes D.O.N. Issue #3, which is inspired by the story of Donovan Mitchell, and the main colorway is to salute to Utah Jazz and New York city where Mitchell grew up.  The main color is purple. It’s the first time that adidas D.O.N. Issue #3 uses the Lightstrike cushioning lightweight insole technology. It offers lighter and more excellent energy feedback. It can satisfy the flexible and stable request of Mitchell, and help Mitchell to use his excellent dribble skills.

The details of Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3「PLAYGROUND HOOPS」has added the born date of Mitchell and the elements of New York city. The purple vamp is decorated with personalized doodles. Some parts are jointed by leather, and it’s also decorated with bright yellow and blue. The wave type TPU stabilizing plate on the insole uses gradient psychedelic colors. The sawtooth lines on both sides of shoe-tongue uses the elements of D.O.N. Issue #2 ‘spider interaction’ to show Mitchell’s extraordinary level of offense and ball control ability. The shoe tongue is decorated with Mitchell’s exclusive SPIDA tag and the words ‘ISSUE#3’. The elastic braid on the instep shows ‘FEARLESS/DRIVE’ to symbolize Mitchell’s fearlessness to challenge. The shoe heel is printed with the address of famous NY street basketball court to highlight the influence of street basketball on Mitchell.

Another colorway ‘TEAM USA’ is inspired by the Stars and the Stripes. The main color of the vamp is blue. The white insole is decorated with classic red and blue.

It’s the first time that Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3 use LIGHTSTRIKE insole technology. It offers excellent cushion performance and lightweight. The side of vamp and shoe head is added with TPU stabilizing plate. The ankle part is added with stator, which can offer all-round protection to satisfy Mitchell’s lateral movement request. The vamp is made of double layers of mesh fabric, and it has elastic meshbelt to offer excellent fitness to the feet.

The outsole still uses the Mitchell’s exclusive spider web pattern. It’s added with TPU stabilizing plate, which has good traction performance and supporting performance.

The adidas D.O.N. Issue #3 series shoes has been sold on the website and stores.

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The Performance Review of Adidas Adizero series Running Shoes

In 2021, Adidas combines its innovative technology by the combination of carbon fiber plate and high-efficient insole feedback to create three brand-new running shoes with different performance for the runners: adizero Prime X is innovative running shoe for the extreme speed, adizero adios Pro 2 is the strongest racing shoe for breaking record, and adizero Boston 10 is the lightweight training shoe. The main colorway is white, and decorated with red-orange.

Adidas combines its three top-level technologies and develops the thickest 50mm carbon fiber lightweight racing shoes: adizero Prime X.
Adidas adizero Prime X uses three layers of Lightstrike PRO insole, a clawed carbon fiber which simulates bone structure of human foot is inserted into the midsole of Lightstrike PRO in the forefoot area to bring extreme lightness and excellent cushion performance. Another layer is added with innovative technology EnergyBlades to improve the strength and excellent resilience, it can absorb the impact force when running.

The vamp of Adidas adizero Prime X is made of Celermesh 2.0 technology, which not only intensify the air permeability, but also offer excellent fitness and supporting performance. With the ContinentalTM outsole, it keeps the good stability and also offer explosible energy feedback.

Kenya women’s runnner Peres Jepchirchir and men’s runner Kibiwott Kandie wore the adizero adios Pro and broke the world record of half-marathon. Now Adidas created adizero adios Pro 2 for breaking the record. It pursues the extreme lightweight to help the runners breaking through theirselves.

Adidas adizero adios Pro 2 uses upgraded Lightstrike PRO insole structure. The weight is reduced about 30g than last generation. It offers lighter weight and more comfortable cushion. The double layers of LightstrikePRO insole is embedded with EnergyRods stabilizing device to reduce the energy loss when exercising and transfer the cushioning effect to strong propulsion. The vamp of Adidas adizero adios Pro 2 uses brand-new upgraded Celermesh 2.0 technology. The shoe heel is installed with carbon fiber and nylon mixed stabilizing plate. It offers excellent stability and fitness to the runners when sprinting. The forefoot sole uses ContinentalTM rubber. It offers extreme lightweight and excellent traction performance.

The Adidas adizero Boston 10 is made for medium and long distance training. It’s the first time that it uses Lightstrike PRO and Lightstrike insole technologies, which offer light and flexible experience. The thickened insole design has better resilience. It’s added with EnergyRods stabilizing device and heelpiece carbon fiber plate, which offers excellent propulsion and support. The vamp is made of lightweight mesh fabric. It’s light and has excellent air permeability. With wearable ContinentalTM outsole, it can also offer excellent traction performance and stability even if training on raining days.

The brand-new Adidas adizero series running shoes have been released. If you are interested in them, you can have a try on the physical store.

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Deconstructed Report of Nike KYRIE 7 EP

We have described the appearance details of Kyrie 7. It has made a big change on the appearance. So what about its technical configuration? Let’s have a look at it today.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

We can see the internal structure from the side section

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The vamp is covered with nylon reinforced mesh fabric. The durability is good.

The reverse side of vamp

The leather and counter improve the stability and supporting performance of shoe heel

The extended shoe heel is filled with extra foam padding.

The shoe-pad is printed with the technical information of Kyrie 7: ZOOM TURBO, COMPOSITE TEXTILE and COMPUTATIONAL TRACTION.

The surface of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven which is printed with the information of KYRIE 7.

The ZOOM TURBO air cushion covers the whole forefoot insole.

The ZOOM TURBO air cushion is covered with dents which improve the multi-directional flexibility.

The length of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion is about 113.88mm.

The width of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion is about 83.95mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion IS ABOUT 8.09mm.

The rear insole is printed with the product information.

The outboard of forefoot sole is shark model. It improves the lateral support.

The blue TPU covers the outside of forefoot sole. It improves the stability.

The outsole of Kyrie 7 is XDR rubber, the pattern is big and deep.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot insole and outsole is about 16.93mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear insole and outsole is about 21.87mm. The drop height is 4.94mm.

The parts of Kyrie 7

The insole structure of KYRIE 5 VS KYRIE 6 VS KYRIE 7

Kyrie 5

Kyrie 6

Kyrie 7

The position of air cushion is almost the same. The difference is the upwarping range.

The drop difference of KYRIE 7 is 4.94mm. It’s 2.54mm higher than KYRIE 6.

The drop difference of KYRIE 6 is only 2.4mm. It’s too flat.

Kyrie 5, Kyrie 6, Kyrie 7 uses the same ZOOM TURBO air cushion.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 Kyrie 7 IS ABOUT 269.9g. The unit weight of EUR42.5 Kyrie 6 is 421.3g. It reduces 51.4g.

The weight of KYRIE 7 vamp is about 120.6g, the weight of KYRIE 6 vamp is about 161.2g. The vamp is lighter about 40.6g. The design structure and material of vamp is the main factors of reducing weight.

Deconstructed Report
Vamp: Kyrie 7 uses knitted vamp and is covered with nylon reinforcing mesh. It has hot-melting belt to improve the overall supporting performance. The stability is good. The height of vamp is reduced, it improves the fitness. If your foot is wide and instep is high, it needs times to break-in.

Insole: Kyrie 7 uses the ZOOM TURBO air cushion of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. The feedback and flexibility are undoubtedly.

Overall: The shape of KRYIE 7 is more succinct, it can reduce the weight. The ZOOM Turbo air cushion is used from KYRIE 5 to KYRIE 7. It can prove that ZOOM TURBO air cushion is suitable to the playing way of KYRIE.

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Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review

We have deconstructed the Kyrie 7 and share the technical information of Kyrie 7. Today, we want to share the performance review of Kyrie 7 with you.

Suited Court: indoor court or outdoor plastic court

Suited Players: The defenders whose weight below 85kg.

Suited Foot type: normal size, if your instep is high, it’s better to have a try before purchasing.


Will the lighter vamp effect the strength? The answer is not.

Comparing with Kyrie 6, Kyrie 7 don’t use the leather and Velcro. But the 3 layers of composite vamp can offer good supporting performance. We can feel the tenacity of vamp when making lateral movement.

It can satisfy the request of Kyrie.

Meanwhile, the green stiff material is link of insole and outsole. It increases the supporting performance of vamp.

It’s surprised the design of dynamic shoelaces. After fastening the shoelaces, it will fix the forefoot well.


Although it still uses the same Air Zoom Turbo and full-length Phylon, but it still has big difference with Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6.

The feedback of air cushion is more obvious. I can feel the feedback of air cushion obviously when putting on Kyrie 7. It doesn’t need time to break-in.

The more important part is the low center of gravity.

It not only has excellent feedback and it reduces the center of gravity.

The rear sole still uses Phylon. It’s not stiff. The cushion performance is enough for me. But it’s better not choose it if your weight is over 85kg.


Many guys doubt the abrasive resistance of Kyrie 7.

I can’t offer the exact judgement for the abrasive resistance of Kyrie 7 now. As I only play 5 basketball games till now. I haven’t found the abrasion on the outsole. And the depth of outsole is thick.

The traction performance of Kyrie 7 is reliable. It can grip the ground well.


The anti-rollover performance of Kyrie 7 is improved. As it has low center of gravity, the forefoot sole doesn’t have anti-rollover design. But it’s more stable than Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. It can satisfy the multi-directional traction performance.

The rear outsole is wider.

Kyrie 7 don’t have built-in arch supporting plate, the internal support is not good enough. If it has a extending stiff material from the arch part like Kyrie Low 2, the anti-torsion performance will be better. If you want to play high-strength basketball games, it’s better to put an arch supporting shoe-pad in it.


Fitness of vamp: 9

Supporting performance of vamp: 8.5

Feedback of forefoot sole: 8.5

Cushion performance of rear sole: 7

Anti-torsion performance: 6

Anti-rollover performance: 8

Traction performance: 9.5

Overall Protection: 8.5

Overall supporting performance: 8.5

Overall stability: 8.5

Overall scores: 82

Overall, comparing with Kyrie 6, Kyrie 7 is a pair of shoes which is lighter, has lower center of gravity, better cushion performance and better stability, but the ani-torsion performance is reduced.

For defenders, Kyrie 7 maybe not the best choice of basketball shoes, but it’s still worthy for you to consider it.

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Deconstructed Report of Nike PG 5

Today we want to share the deconstruct  report of PG 5 with you.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The section of left shoe, the insole uses full-length AIR STROBEL cushion.

Separating the vamp with insole.

The lining is comfortable.

The built-in counter and synthetic leather on the shoe heel improve the supporting performance.

The yellow shoe-pad is printed with PG logo

We can see the air cushion pattern clearly from the insole fabric.

The Air Strobel cushion above the insole

The length of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion is about 279mm

The width of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion on forefoot sole is about 90.62mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion is about 7.29mm

The X type TPU arch supporting plate is between the air cushion and insole, it covers the whole arch.

The length of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 70.94mm.

The width of  EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 62.85mm.

The thinnest part of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 2.26mm thick.

The X TPU arch supporting plate and the triangle TPU on the outboard of insole can reduce the deformation.

It has a piece of soft TPU on the shoe heel, it can protect the air cushion.

The integrated rubber outsole

The thickness of EUR42.5 rubber outsole is about 3.47mm.

The point of strength height of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 16.74mm.

The point of strength height of EUR42.5 shoe heel is about 21.96mm. The drop height is 5.22mm.


PG 5

PG 4

From the side section,PG 5(left)and PG 4(right) use the same AIR STROBEL cushion.

PG 5 (L): the arch of shoe heel is more flat, and the height is also increased.

PG 4 (R): the arch of shoe heel tilt inward obviously.

For the same size EUR42.5, the width of  PG5 (L) AIR STROBEL cushion is wider than PG 4 (R).

The X TUP arch supporting plate of PG 5 (L) can cover the whole arch, and it has independent TPU on the outboard of insole.

PG 4 (R) only has a piece of arch supporting plate.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 PG 4 is about 391.4g.

The unite weight of EUR42.5 PG 5 is about 349g, it reduces about 42g.

Deconstructed Report of PG 5

Vamp: The stiff mesh fabric has good supporting performance. The shoe tree is wider. The fitness is excellent. The lengthen pull-tab of shoe heel is convenient for putting on and taking off the shoes.

Insole: The AIR STROBEL cushion brings excellent feedback. The big TPU supporting plate improves the stability of insole.

Overall: PG 5 still uses the AIR STROBEL cushion as the insole technology. By adjusting the material of vamp and insole, the fitness, stability and comfort level have been improved. But the appearance is not attractive.

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Unboxing and Closed Look:ASICS GELHOOP V13

Today let’s have a look at ASICS GELHOOP V13.


The shoebox is concise. It’s printed with ASICS logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The composite leather vamp has dense ventilated holes.

The inner side of shoe head has leather paste layer to improve the protecting performance.

The shoe tongue is made of mesh fabric. The air permeability is good.

The mid lacing holes uses dynamic design. After fastening the shoelaces, it improves the fitness obviously.

It has mesh fabric ASICS logo on the vamp.

The shoe heel is leather. It improves the supporting performance. The 13 dots on the side vamp represents the 13th GELHOOP.

The shoe collar design has good supporting performance and flexibility.

The shoe shape is circulation design. It’s concise.

The FlyteFoam insole technology has excellent lightweight cushion performance. And it has good cushion performance and stability. It’s said that the insole has a piece of GEL cushion.

It uses separated front and back rubber outsole to reduce the overall weight.

The shoe head position uses stitching design. This kind of design is not common on the design of basketball shoes. But the durability is good.

The forefoot sole is axis of rotation pattern. The outer side is herringbone pattern. The pattern is deep. With nonmarking rubber, the traction performance is great.

The arch part uses Trusstic System. It has two triangle ventilated holes. It’s said that the inspiration comes from the air-cooling engine of motorbike. It keeps the good air permeability.

The rear sole uses NE MARQUE PAS rubber. It’s also a kind of nonmarking rubber. Do you know the difference of these two kinds of rubbers?

The arch position of shoe-pad is upturning design. It can fit the foot very well. It improves the comfort level.

The reverse side of shoe-pad has dense ventilated holes to improve the air permeability.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 278mm.

The width of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 93.80mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 4.94mm.

The EVA material insole fabric. The arch position has ventilated holes.

We can see that the Trusstic System is not decoration. The unit weight of EUR42.5 ASICS GELHOOP V13 is 331.3g.


The appearance of ASICS GELHOOP V13 is retro type. It looks like a pair of volleyball shoes or badminton shoes. The size of ASICS GELHOOP V13 is standard. The big feeling after wearing is the light weight. The shoe head uses composite leather to protect the toes. The vamp uses big area of knitted material. And it’s covered with hot-melting material to improve the supporting performance.

The FlyteFoam lightweight insole is not thick. The starting speed is fast. The cushion performance is good. If you want a pair of lightweight basketball shoes, you can consider it.