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Model: Converse All Star BB JET

Court: Outdoor epoxy

Hight/Weight: 181cm/81kg


I have tested the Converse All Star BB PRO in the beginning of 2021. It has advantages and disadvantages. Recently I purchased the brand-new All Star BB Jet which has Zoom Air cushion with speed plate in the insole. Today I want to share its performance review with you.


The appearance design of Converse All Star BB JET is similar to PUMA basketball shoes. The design is concise and casual. It’s suitable for daily dressing.

Traction Performance (Turning & Urgent stopping): 8 scores

The outsole is divided to 3 parts of geometric figures. The indentation is deep. The traction performance of Converse All Star BB JET on the outdoor court is excellent. The outsole is not easy to absorb the dust.

Cushion Performance & Feedback: 6 scores

It uses fan shaped Zoom air cushion on forefoot sole and hexagon Zoom air cushion on the rear sole. It has a piece of Speed Plate nylon fiber supporting plate on the midsole, which is similar to the flight speed of AJ32. But the supporting plat of AJ32 is above the Zoom air cushion of forefoot sole and rear sole. But the forefoot fan shaped Zoom Air cushion of Converse All Star BB JET is above the supporting plate of insole and close to the outsole. It needs strong pressing to tread the sole, then you can feel the feedback. The cushion configuration of Converse All Star BB JET is more suitable for frontline who are heavy and like running. If your weight is light, you can’t feel the regency of speed plate.

Fitness: 7 scores

Converse All Star BB JET uses full-length inner sleeve. The padding is not very thick. The shoelaces have two kinds of system. The starting speed and feedback is good. But due to the affect of fitness, the overall oneness is not good enough. If your feet is thin, it will be a little empty for you. If your feed is standard or wide, you can choose the standard size. But if your feet is thin, it’s better not to choose it.

Stength/Stability: 8 scores

The vamp is made of stiff nylon canvas material. It doesn’t have obvious outrigger, but the outline of outsole is wide and the traction performance is good. The anti-rollover performance is above average. The shoe heel has built-in cup-shaped stabilizer. We guess that the speed plate in the insole can improve the anti-torsion performance.

Overall: The appearance of Converse All Star BB JET looks like a pair of defenders’ basketball shoes. But after testing, we are sure that Converse All Star BB JET is a pair of frontline’s basketball shoes. But the cushion is not good enough for frontlines, and the center of gravity is too high for defenders. The overall protection and cushion performance is suitable for most of people. If you don’t have high request for the basketball shoes, you can try it. And the price is not higher than All Star BB EVO.