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BROOKS GHOST 14 Performance Review

I have purchased 7 pairs of BROOKS jogging shoes before, and I have run more than 500km each pair of shoes. Recently, I purchased a pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 which improve the insole technology and vamp a lot.

The vamp of this pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 is designed by black. There is a piece of short silver reflective tape on both sides of shoe head. Both sides of ankle position have reflective irregular pattern. The insole uses black, gray and white camouflage color. The outsole is black. This pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 is camouflage limited model. If you like colorful model, you can choose other colorways. The unit weight of US8 BROOKS GHOST 14 is about 263g. I’m surprised at its light weight, as its location is cushioning shoes.


  1. 3D elastic printing technology: It can improve the resilience and structure of vamp. The shoe heel uses 3D elastic printing technology to reinforce and stabilize the feet.
  2. It uses big holes ventilated mesh fabric: The vamp uses big holes mesh fabric to increase the air permeability and reduce the weight.
  3. It uses reflective pattern on the vamp. The reflective design will improve the safety when running at night.


  1. BROOKS GHOST 14 uses full-length DNA LOFT insole cushion technology: DNA LOFT is made of low density and lightweight material. It can keep light weight, good cushion and resilience.
  2. The insole uses sectional type crash pad: the sectional type suspension is convenient for running faster and smoothly.
  3. The optimized insole sandwich structure will make you run more smoothly.


The outsole uses wear-resisting rubber. You don’t need to worry about the abrasion.

I have tested the BROOKS GHOST 14 on 3 kinds of different road conditions: PU track, pitch road and sidewalk.I think that BROOKS GHOST 14 is more suitable for the runners whose speed is in 6mins. It will give give play the insole technology of BROOKS GHOST 14 well. Of course, if you like running slowly, it’s also suitable for you. As the weight is light, the air permeability and ductility of vamp is good, it’s comfortable when jogging.


BROOKS GHOST 14 uses full-length DNA LOFT insole which not only reduce the weight, but also keep the good resilience. The 3D elastic printing technology improve the resilience of vamp and reinforce the stability. The improvement of BROOKS is very obviously. More and more runners choose Brooks series running shoes.

But BROOKS GHOST 14 don’t have stabilizing support. It’s unsuitable for running on rugged road condition, it’s easy to sprain the ankle. If your footstep is unstable, it’s better to choose BROOKS DRENALINE GTS 21.