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REEBOK retro the historical basketball shoes KAMIKAZE II OG which was worn by the legend hoopster Shaw Kemp on NBA in 1995. It’s made of black, green and white.


The shoebox is black and white drawer type.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp is made of composite leather and cow leather. The materail is soft.

It has 7 couples of shoelace holes. It uses leather punching technology with flat type shoelaces.

REEBOK KAMIKAZE II is also called as volcano by many people. As the lines of vamp is exaggerated.

The shoe tongue and shoe heel has embroidered Reebok logo.

The shoe head is stitched for reinforcement.

The outsole rubber has upturning design to improve the lateral supporting performance when exercising. The EVA insole also uses exaggerated design.

It uses separated forefoot sole and rear sole design, which also reduce the unit weight.

The outsole uses classic water ripple pattern. The stressing position has widened groove to improve the flexibility.

The width of EUR42 forefoot outsole is about 111.09mm.

The forefoot sole and rear sole uses HEXALITE.

The HEXALITE simulates the hexagon geometry connecting structure of honeycomb which disperses the stress evenly to achieve the request of cushion.

The non-marking rubber doesn’t have carbon, so it won’t leave the trace on the ground. And the material is soft, it has better traction performance.

The width of EUR42 rear sole is about 86.75mm.

The shoe-pad uses fabric material which is anti-skid and wear-resisting. The soft and resilient material improve the comfort level.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 275mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 98.73mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.39mm.

The inner workmanship is good.

The unit weight of EUR42 REEBOK KAMIKAZE II is about 397.3g.


The design of REEBOK KAMIKAZE II is closed to the KAMIKAZE II OG. The size is a little bigger than standard size. The independent shoe tongue is convenient for putting on and taking off. The leather vamp looks great. It can offer good fitness and supporting performance. The EVA insole with HEXALITE is a little stiff, but the stability is good.