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Unboxing: NIKE Kyrie 8

The Kyrie series basketball shoes are always popular in the market. There are already many news about Kyrie 8 on the website. It has several brand-new colorways. Let’s have a look at the brand-new NIKE Kyrie 8 today.


The colorway is purple disruptive pattern colorway. It looks nice.

The shoe head uses big area of tiger stripe disruptive pattern. The main colorway is purple, black and light green. But it doesn’t have crashworthy design on the shoe head. So I’m worried about it’s protection.

The shoelaces holes are reinforced by leather. The inspiration comes from the the bandage of boxer. This kind of design can improve the fitness of shoes. It’s important for Kyrie.

There is a small piece of leather attaching the side of forefoot vamp. And it’s wave shape. The shoe tongue has thick padding, and it’s high. And the shoe tongues are decorated with gold transformed number 8 and Kyrie’s signature.

The material of shoe collar is different with vamp. It uses big area of leather. And the shoe collar is high. It’s filled with thick padding. It has swoosh logo on both sides of shoe collar.

The shoe heel design is simple. It has a pink Kyrie logo on the topside. It has four cambered cross lines. And the bottom side of shoe heel is made of black leather. The design of appearance is concise. It does’t have many lightspots. But it still looks nice.

The outsole is big and wide. The outsole is divided to 3 areas. The pattern of forefoot sole looks cool. The mid-sole has Kyrie’s signature. The rear sole has the pattern of number 8.

Kyrie 8 VS Kyrie 7, which one is better?

For the actual performance, Kyrie 8 is much better than Kyrie 7.

If you like the new models, you can wait for the Kyrie 8. It has several colorways for your choice.

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Up to 50% of recycled materials are used on Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature is undoubtedly Nike’s most recyclable product so far, in terms of material cutting rate, recycled edges and corners and reshaping materials. The weight of recycled materials accounts for at least 50%.

Since Nike released the first pair of basketball shoes Nike Cosmic Unity, the NIKE running shoes designers were also inspired by the core ideas of Move to Zero (Zero carbon emissions and zero waste). The recycled materials of Cosmic Unity accounts for at least 25%. And the recycled materials of Alphafly Next Nature accounts for at least 50%.

The recycled materials of ZOOM X insole accounts for at least 70% of the weight. In reviewing Eliud Kipchoge’s challenge to break the 2 hours record of marathon, the designer Rachel Bull think that Nike running shoes have such strong performance which mainly depends on the ZoomX foam. If these foam are wasted, it will be a big loss. The effective solution is to use the surplus recycled foam material of insole to produce the shoe-pad.

Alphafly Next Nature re-use the superfluous Zoom Air cushion material by 3D printing and make the Flyprint and Flyknit mixed vamp fabric.

The combination of Flyprint and Flyknit technology is important to the function of shoes. Rachel Bull said, Flyknit material is pliable and tough, it can guarantee the tension and air permeability by using on the shoe head. And You can see the ZoomX foam crushed aggregates on the insole. We thought that the appearance is also a part of the product’s story. When combining the material and producing technology, it will create the new items.

Rachel Bull also said, Alphafly Next Nature’s contribution to the integration of performance and sustainability is exciting. We knew that if we could do this on the products with strong performance, it would prove that NIKE could apply this technology to other products’ lines.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: AIR JORDAN 36

Many guys are interested in the new released Air Jordan 36. AJ36 uses more air cushion than AJ28. And the vamp of AJ36 is about 33% lighter than AJ34 vamp. The gold line of AJ36 is to salute to AJ6 insole.

The vamp of AJ36 is made by Leno-Weave techology which twist two pieces of longitudinal warps and traverse horizontal warps to constitute the jacquard weave. The Leno Weave vamp can satisfy the high intensity request of support, fitness and air permeability.

The structural hierarchy around the ankle is evident. There is a piece of TPU plate around the shoelaces and shoe heel, which salute to the design of AJ6. The big pull-tab on the shoe heel is convenient for putting on and taking off, and it’s printed with NIKE AIR logo, Jumpman logo and 36.

AJ36 uses the Eclipse Plate structure. There is a hollow-out design on the insole, and there is a piece of stabilizer wings piercing in it.

AJ36 is also designed by Tate Kuerbis who is also in charge of AJ34 and AJ35. AJ34 and AJ35 also uses the Eclipse Plate structure. By using the design of Eclipse Plate, AJ36 realized the aim of biggest Zoom Air cushion and lightweight.

The Air Jordan 36 uses full-length Zoom Air cushion with fan shaped Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole. It has the biggest Zoom air cushion on the Air Jordan series shoes.The dense herringbone pattern is the guarantee of traction performance. The gold Jumpman logo comes from the element of AJ6. From the hollow-out design of rear sole, we can see the ZOOM Air cushion.

From the front side, we can see the outrigger design on the forefoot of AJ36. The outsole has prominent Zoom Air cushion.

The leather above the shoe tongue of AJ36 has the function to fix the shoe tongue. The white and gold colorway AJ36 is named as GLORY. The shoe-pad is printed with colorful pattern, but it doesn’t punching design like other colorways.

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The famous running shoes brand BROOKS’s core spirit is RUN HAPPY. Brooks believe that there are no same runners on the world, different people, the body, strength, speed and skill are different. So Brooks think that the mission of running shoes is to satisfy the runner’s request and run happy.

Today, we want to talk about BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5.

The vamp of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 is round knitted vamp with stealth fit structure to offer the good fitness and comfortable feeling to the runners. The integrated type single layer knitted vamp and shoe tongue has big area of ventilated holes, which not only offer good air permeability, but also reduce the unit weight. The unit weight of US10.5 is about 312g.

I like the logo design of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5. It uses semi-transparent 3D elastic printing material with climactic regula. It improves the speeding feeling of the running shoes, and the stability of insole after fastening the shoelaces.

The insole of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 uses DNA AMP technology. The DNA AMP insole technology is a kind of high-density strong PU cushioning material.

The whole insole uses DNA AMP. The DNA AMP technology uses a layer of TPU to cover the insole, so it won’t be easy to deform when receiving the impact force from feet. It can stabilize the insole and give the resilient feedback to the runners.

The outsole design uses arrows grooves which are deep and have oblique angle. It can help the runners to run forward and grip the ground well.

Normally the full knitted shoes are comfortable, but unstable. But BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 don’t have this problem. The knitted vamp with Stealth Fit structure can fit the feet well and also keep the extending and heat sinking space. The Stealth Fit structure on the shoe tongue and collar can offer good support and stability to the runners when walking or running.

The DNA AMP insole technology is stiff with soft. When you speed up and increase the strength, the characteristics of DNA AMP technology will show up. It’s solid and stable when falling to the ground. The insole will feedback the energy.

I think that BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 is suitable for tempo running and long-distance training. If you want a pair of running shoes with good cushion, protection and stability, you can try BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5.


  1. The knitted vamp with Stealth Fit structure offers good air permeability and supporting performance. It’s to offer the best moving comfort level to the runners.
  2. DNA AMP insole technology offers good energy feedback.
  3. The outsole has excellent traction performance.
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Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run Performance Review

After playing about 20 hours basketball games by wearing Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run, I want to share my reviews for the performance of Nike air zoom G.T. run with you.

1. Traction Performance: 8 scores
The traction performance of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run
depends on the condition of the court. The traction performance is great on clean court, but it will decline after absorbing the dust. The traction performance on clean court is 8 scores, and it will decline to 7 scores if absorbing the dust. I think it is due to the stiff outsole material. As the outsole is stiff, the lines of outsole won’t change when friction. The outsole of PG5 is soft, so the lines of outsole can change according to your exercising directions. But the disadvantage of soft outsole is the abrasive resistance. After playing about 20 hours basketball shoes, I haven’t found abrasion on the outsole of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run. And the outsole is XDR material, so I think that the abrasive resistance is good, it’s suitable to play basketball on outdoor court.
2. Cushion Performance: 7.8 scores
Before talking about the cushion performance, let’s have a look at the insole material. It’s said that Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run uses Air Zoom cushion on forefoot sole and full-length React cushion. But after looking at the deconstruction of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run, I found that the forefoot sole of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run don’t have React cushion, but use two air zoom cushion. The toes position uses React and Air Zoom strobel. As the forefoot sole don’t have React cushion, the height of forefoot sole is not so high as imagination. The forefoot sole is elastic. But the feedback of forefoot sole is not fast. So I only give 7 scores for the feedback of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run. The rear sole uses double-deck React as the cushion material. The overall cushion performance is good.
3. Fitness: 7 scores
To pursuing lightweight, the vamp material is changed to plastic mesh fabric. So the fitness of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is not good. The feet and vamp have space. And the space will become bigger after wearing a long time. The shoe heel will be easy to loose. The shoe tongue material of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is the same as vamp. It uses thin plastic mesh fabric. After fastening the shoelaces, the shoe tongue can’t fit the instep well. Overall, the problem of fitness is due to the vamp material. But the aim of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is the lightweight.
4. Supporting Performance: 7 scores
Ankle support: 7 scores
The ankle part has a hidden TPU plate without other stiff material and foam padding. The material is thin air vent plastic. The ankle support depends on the TPU plate. Although it surrounds the ankle, but the effect is not good enough.
Lateral Support: 7 scores
The vamp is plastic material. The overall strength is not good enough. The vamp is easy to deform. The lateral supporting performance is just above average.
5. Stability: 7.5 scores
Although the fitness and supporting performance of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is not good enough, but the stability is good. Many guys would think that the stability of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run should be bad as the center of gravity is high. But I think that the stability of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is great when playing basketball. The outboard of the middle part has a piece of stiff plastic stabilizing plate which can help to improve the stability. And the outboard React has reinforcement. The overall stability is good.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: CONVERSE WEAPON CX

CONVERSE WEAPON basketball shoes were born on 1986. By virtue of its excellent comfort level and protection, it’s endorsed by the NBA players. Now CONVERSE WEAPON combines with CX creative technology, it creates the casual shoes CONVERSE WEAPON CX.

CONVERSE WEAPON CXThe black shoebox is printed with CONVERSE logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp is made of cow leather, and it’s covered with rubber. It’s durable.

The widened shoelaces are suitable for the integral design.

The shoe tongue and thick shoe collar are comfortable.

The side of vamp has CONVERSE logo. The ankle part uses classic Y-bar design to improve the later support.

The middle type design and classic black and white colorway looks attractive.

The unwrapping insole design is helpful for walking.

CONVERSE CX foaming material insole and upturning rubber on arch position increase the stability.

The insole is thick.

The thickness of EUR42.5 insole and outsole is about 38.54mm.

The divisional rubber outsole reduce the weight.

The axis of rotation on forefoot sole and transverse lines are saluting to the classic.

The shoe heel has CX logo.

The shoe-pad material is similar to silica gel. It’s elastic. The rhombus pattern on the reverse side improve the force of friction.

The length of EUR42.5 is about 277mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 96.82mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 5.10mm.

The non-woven material insole fabric is filled in padding to improve the comfort level.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 522.3g.

The white shoe laces are thick and loose.

Choose your Weapon!

The reconstituted Converse Weapon CX salute to the previous series and also has innovation. It’s not only fashion and functional. The side is normal. The CX foaming material insole is comfortable. The height of insole is moderate. It’s very suitable for daily dressing.

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The Characteristics of UNDER ARMOUR HOVR MEGA 2 CLONE

The previous two generations of HOVR Mega running shoes have major breakthrough. The first pair of HOVR Mega was released by the thickest HOVR running shoes in 2019. The height of sole is 32mm, and it uses big area of HOVR material. This time HOVR Mega series running shoes still keeps the characteristic of thick sole. It uses UA Clone material technology and Auxetic material to improve the fitness and stength of vamp. The official said that it’s ‘1:1 Fit For Every Runner.

The deformation model of Auxetic material is different with traditional material.  If pulling it from both ends, because of its structure, the Auxetic material will expand in the vertical direction when it’s stretched by force.

The characteristics of Under Armour HOVR Mega 2 Clone:

  • It’s the first model to use UA Clone technology material running shoes
  • The full-length HOVR insole technology offers great cushioning feedback.
  • The UA Clone material offers dynamic fitness.
  • The both sides of shoe heel has TPU supporting plate to fix the ankle.
  • The drop height is 8mm. The height of forefoot sole is 24mm, and the height of shoe heel is 32mm.
  • The unit weight of men size US9 is about 330g. The unit weight of women size US8 is about 295g.
  • It can work via UA MapMyRun APPto get the exercising data.
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The Performance Review of Adidas 4DFWD

Adidas and Carbon developed the 4D insole technology together in 2017. The black technology is created by 3D printing technology. With the geometric construction, 4D insole is attractive. Adidas keeps developing the new insole technology in recent 10 years.

Based on nearly 20 years of athletes’ scientific data, Adidas and Carbon use precise digital light synthesis technology to select the most perfect geometric design from five million grid structures to achieve the latest 4DFWD grid structure.

Adidas make 10 couples limited special shoebox. The Adidas 4DFWD special shoebox that we talked about today can represent the sense of science and technology. The fluorescent light shoebox is printed with 4D.

The brand-new 4DFWD uses 3D line printing technology to merge together with data. Comparing with 4D, 4DFWD has improved more than 300% propulsive force and increased 23% cushion performance. In additionally, the 4DFWD arrange the structure by more excellent way and reduce the wastage of extra material. With the light and ventilated PRIMEKNIT vamp, the weight is also reduced about 11.8%.

Adidas 4DFWD has below characteristics:

  1. 4DFWDinsole technology: the brand-new upgraded grid structure can transfer the vertical pressure to propulsive force. Comparing with 4D, 4DFWD has improved more than 300% propulsive force and increased 23% cushion performance. And the weight is also reduced about 11.8%. It offers lightweight,  excellent resilient feedback and propulsion force.
  2. Vamp: it uses PRIMEKNIT and knit vamp which can fit the feet perfectly. It’s light and ventilated. The socks type design and S type seamless shoe heel offer excellent support and comfort level.
  3. Stretchweb outsole: It uses special cutting diamond pattern durable rubber outsole. The excellent traction performance and abrasive resistance cooperate with the 4DFWD insole well. The V shape cutting design on forefoot sole and rear sole offers multi-directional flexibility and stability to the feet.
  4. Colorway: The main colorway is black, the outsole and shoe heel are fluorescent green. It’s attractive. The adidas logo on the side vamp is dazzling, which is futuristic. The main colorway of women model is pink.
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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE Performance Review

UA keep developing the vamp, insole and outsole these years. The UA Flow Velociti SE change to use knitted vamp, and the insole and outsole is UA Flow technology which is the same as Flow Velociti Wind. The fitness, air permeability and flexibility are excellent.

The main colorway is white. The instep position uses blue lines and different knitted way. The lateral integrated insole uses orange to mark the UA FLOW technology. The outsole is white. The integral color looks concise and cool. It’s suitable for wearing in Summer.

The unit weight of US8 UA Flow Velociti SE is about 230g. It’s very light.


UA Flow Velociti SE uses socks type knitted vamp, and it uses different flat knitting structure on the instep. It uses different density for heat dissipation. Both sides of midsole has TPU yarn to reinforce the strength. The integral knitted design increase the air permeability, strength and fitness. It’s comfortable.


The UA FLOW foam technology make the integrated type insole and outsole. The shoes fit the feet very well. Although the sole is thick, but it’s similar to the feeling of bared feet.

Outsole & other details:

It cancels the rubber outsole and uses integrated type UA FLOW outsole.Except keeping the good abrasive resistance, it also increases the anti-skid resistance and resilience. When exercising, the fitness and anti-skid resistance are excellent. Although it’s light, but it also uses UA Record Sensor chip technology. It can help you to record and analyse the exercising data.


UA FLOW Velociti SE improves the air permeability, fitness and anti-skid resistance. The socks type knitted vamp will fit your feet better, and improve the fitness and air permeability. The integrated type UA FLOW insole and outsole can improve the flexibility and anti-skid resistance. The UA Flow Velociti SE technology will help you to improve the exercising skill.

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PUMA released several basketball shoes these years. And the shoes have nice performance and excellent stability, so many fans love them. Recently PUMA TRIPLE has been released, and the price is quite cheap. Let’s have a look at it today.

PUMA TRIPLE basketball shoes

The black shoebox is printed with white PUMA logo.

The shoebox side tag

The vamp is made of big mesh fabric. It’s reinforced with hot-melting material. The air permeability is good.

The shoe tongue has PUMA logo and basketball element.

The side of vamp and outboard of insole has two track logos. And the shoe collar also has a track logo.

The vamp is made of thin mesh fabric which can reduce the unit weight.

The shoe heel is made of leather which improve the stability, and it’s also decorated with PUMA logo.

The inner side outsole has upturning design which improves the forefoot stability.

The lightweight insole can absorb the impact force when exercising and transfers to resilience force.

The widened insole design offers more stability. The shark gill pattern of insole can reduce the deformation.

The integrated rubber outsole touches big area of ground, it’s stable.

The forefoot sole uses multi-directional acute angle patterns, which offers excellent traction performance.

The rear sole pattern uses indent design.

The surface of shoe-pad uses knitted material.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 273mm.

The width of EUR42 forefoot shoe-pad is about 92.02mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.65mm.

We can see the TPU stabilizing plate on the arch position via insole fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 370.1g.


The appearance of PUMA TRIPLE is concise. The shoe tongue has basketball element. The vamp is jointed with several materials. The air permeability and supporting performance is good. The size is half size bigger than standard size. The width of forefoot sole is moderate. The unit weight is not heavy. The lightweight insole offers obvious feedback.