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MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 & WAVE SKY NEO 2 Performance Review

The MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 and MIZUNO WAVE NEO 2 are very comfortable running shoes. They are designed for completing the running games. The configuration including insole, vamp and outsole are not for racing. It’s worthy to consider them for long slow distance.


The unit weight of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 is not light. But after wearing, it has the agravic feedback.The shoe heel of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 has ample sense of depth. The 32mm insole is decorated with pretty blue lines.

The vamp is made of one piece of Smooth stretch woven, which will reduce the oppressing sensation when running. The embossing Run Bird logo has stitch to reinforce to offer the supporting performance to both sides of vamp.

The shoe tongue is made of ventilated mesh fabric. The shoe heel has WAVE SKY 05 mark.

It uses the top-level MIZUNO ENERZY material to make the MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 insole. The substrate insole MIZUNO ENERZY with built-in MIZUNO ENERZY CORE and the surrounding insole foam to make the softness, supporting performance and resilient FOAM WAVE insole.

Except the optimization of insole material, the outsole pattern of WAVE SKY 5 is more fearless than WAVE SKY 4. The outsole of shoe heel part uses wear-resisting X10 rubber material. The grooves of forefoot sole cooperating with insole improve the flexibility.


The MIZUNO NEO series shoes uses socks type vamp as its characteristics from 2020. And WAVE SKY NEO 2 combines its function and material and brings the popular running shoes’ design. The high cushioning insole is made of several materials. It based on the WAVE SKY NEO and adjust the vamp, the shape looks more concise.

The vamp is made of WAVE KNIT. We can see plaid knitted grain.

The shoe heel has TPU support.It’s decorated with WAVE SKY NEO 02 mark.

The single layer knitted vamp of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is suitable for most of feet types. It continues the ENERZY wave shaped insole. Combining with MIZUNO ENERZY and MIZUNO ENERZY CORE materials, it’s very comfortable.

The insole and outsole continues the structure of WAVE SKY NEO 1. The round outsole pattern offers great traction performance. The red part is the MIZUNO ENERZY CORE material.


Both of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 and MIZUNO WAVE SKY NEO 2 are comfortable running shoes. The insole constitution is similar. It has high cushioning characteristics. From the design of outsole, WAVE SKY 5 is more flexible than WAVE SKY NEO 2. But WAVE SKY NEO 2 offers more support if standing or walking.

The socks type design of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is higher than WAVE SKY 5. And the insole is also higher. Both of the forefoot sole height is 24mm, but the shoe heel height of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is 34mm, it’s 2mm higher than WAVE SKY 5. So the cushion performance WAVE SKY NEO 2 shoe heel is better.