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Today we want to talk about the performance of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2. The MIZUNO fans are familiar with WAVE series. The WAVE insole and wave type plate offers good stability which is always the advantages of WAVE series. MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 uses the brand-new ENERZY insole and G3 outosle which offers the new experience to the runners.


At the first sight of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2, it’s totally different with my impression of MIZUNO running shoes. The socks type vamp of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 is thick. The unit weight is about 205g-208g (my size is 25.5cm). I’m surprised at the weight.

The vamp has many ventilated holes.

The insole of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 uses the brand-new ENERZY material WAVE design. It offers better resilience and keep the good stability. The forefoot sole uses brand-new G3 outsole which can grip the ground well.

I doubted the stability and air permeability of knitted socks type vamp. But after wearing, the doubts have gone. Although the socks type vamp don’t have the shoe tongue, but it still fit the foot very well. The thick vamp can offer good stability, and the air permeability is also excellent. MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 improves the vamp design. It changes to the unidirectional knitted design to improve the supporting performance and stability.

The new G3 outsole can grip the ground well, not matter the PU track, asphalt road or sidewalk.

The brand-new ENERZY insole is soft and has excellent resilience. It’s stable when running. It’s easy for the runners to break-in.

Overall, I think that MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 is suitable for most of road conditions. We recommend to the runners who want a pair of running shoes which can offer stability on mid-long distance.


  1. The improved knitted socks type vamp has excellent performance on the air permeability, fitness and stability.
  2. The brand-new ENERZY WAVE insole offers comfortable feedback.
  3. It’s suitable for daily training or tempo running.

But it’s unsuitable for intermittent fast speed training.

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BROOKS GHOST 14 Performance Review

I have purchased 7 pairs of BROOKS jogging shoes before, and I have run more than 500km each pair of shoes. Recently, I purchased a pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 which improve the insole technology and vamp a lot.

The vamp of this pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 is designed by black. There is a piece of short silver reflective tape on both sides of shoe head. Both sides of ankle position have reflective irregular pattern. The insole uses black, gray and white camouflage color. The outsole is black. This pair of BROOKS GHOST 14 is camouflage limited model. If you like colorful model, you can choose other colorways. The unit weight of US8 BROOKS GHOST 14 is about 263g. I’m surprised at its light weight, as its location is cushioning shoes.


  1. 3D elastic printing technology: It can improve the resilience and structure of vamp. The shoe heel uses 3D elastic printing technology to reinforce and stabilize the feet.
  2. It uses big holes ventilated mesh fabric: The vamp uses big holes mesh fabric to increase the air permeability and reduce the weight.
  3. It uses reflective pattern on the vamp. The reflective design will improve the safety when running at night.


  1. BROOKS GHOST 14 uses full-length DNA LOFT insole cushion technology: DNA LOFT is made of low density and lightweight material. It can keep light weight, good cushion and resilience.
  2. The insole uses sectional type crash pad: the sectional type suspension is convenient for running faster and smoothly.
  3. The optimized insole sandwich structure will make you run more smoothly.


The outsole uses wear-resisting rubber. You don’t need to worry about the abrasion.

I have tested the BROOKS GHOST 14 on 3 kinds of different road conditions: PU track, pitch road and sidewalk.I think that BROOKS GHOST 14 is more suitable for the runners whose speed is in 6mins. It will give give play the insole technology of BROOKS GHOST 14 well. Of course, if you like running slowly, it’s also suitable for you. As the weight is light, the air permeability and ductility of vamp is good, it’s comfortable when jogging.


BROOKS GHOST 14 uses full-length DNA LOFT insole which not only reduce the weight, but also keep the good resilience. The 3D elastic printing technology improve the resilience of vamp and reinforce the stability. The improvement of BROOKS is very obviously. More and more runners choose Brooks series running shoes.

But BROOKS GHOST 14 don’t have stabilizing support. It’s unsuitable for running on rugged road condition, it’s easy to sprain the ankle. If your footstep is unstable, it’s better to choose BROOKS DRENALINE GTS 21.

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ASICS GT-2000 9 VS MIZUNO Rider 25 Performance Review

For most of runners, ASCIS and Mizuno are two familiar brands. They are famous due to their jogging shoes with high supporting performance and excellent cushion performance.

Recently, I bought ASICS GT-2000 9 and Mizuno Rider 25, and ran about 20km. I found that their difference is big.

Firstly, I weared ASICS GT-2000 9 which is the brand-new GT-2000 series shoes. Comparing with previous series, ASICS GT-2000 9 has big improvement on the flexibility and lightweight.

ASICS GT-2000 9 uses full-length FlyteFoam material. After adjusting, the comfort level is better than the GT material.

The arch part uses Trusstic which can offer good supporting performance to the arch and reduce the affect of strephexopodia.

For cushion performance, except the visible GEL on the shoe heel, it’s said that the forefoot sole of GT-2000 9 is also added with GEL, which improve the cushion performance of forefoot sole.

After running 20km, the ASICS GT-2000 9 is adequate for most of speed ranges and road conditions. Most of the ASICS series jogging shoes have excellent traction performance. Even if the outsole pattern of GT-2000 9 is adjusted for better flexibility, we don’t need to worry about the AHAR outsole.

I weared the Mizuno Rider 25 on the second day. I though that the location of Rider and GT is almost the same, but the result is surprising.

The durability of ASICS GT-2000 9 and Mizuno Rider 25 are almost the same. Both of the ASICS AHAR material and MIZUNO X10 material are top-level. You don’t need to worry about their durability.

The difference of ASICS GT-2000 9 and Mizuno Rider 25 is the material. Rider 25 uses the brand-new material of MIZUNO–Enerzy, which is comfortable new material. It’s elastic and tough. When testing, it seems that the cushion limitation of Enerzy is higher than U4ic X.

With the Wave plate on the shoe heel, Rider 25 combines the material absorbing and mechanical absorbing perfectly. It’s nice for the runners with heavy weight.

Although the location of Rider 25 and GT-2000 9 are jogging shoes, but it’s obviously that the speed ranges of Rider 25 is bigger than GT2000 9.

GT-2000 9 is a pair of classic and excellent jogging shoes. At the assigned speed at 5-7 mins, GT-2000 9 can make the runners feel very comfortable, and it can also offer excellent protection.

Rider 25 not only can satisfy above the advantages of GT-2000 9, you can also speed up the assigned speed in 5mins. It’s more comfortable.

Although their location is almost the same, but the limitation is different, GT-2000 9 is a pair of perfect jogging shoes.

But Rider 25 not only satisfy the jogging request, but also can satisfy the request of some speed training.

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After releasing the GELBURST 25 in the beginning of 2021, finally the GELBURST 25 Low is released recently.

GELBURST is one of the few ASICS basketball shoes currently available for offering high type and low type basketball shoes. Since 1997, GELBURST series already have 25 pairs of shoes.

GELBURST 25 Low releases three different colorways (white & blue, white & red, black & silver). Their common point is the TPU supporting plate.


GELBURST series offer high type and low type basketball shoes. For the ASICS present popular basketball shoes, except that GLIDE NOVA FF and GELHOOP use the same sole, GELBURST series shoes should be the only series which has high type and low type basketball shoes in present ASICS series The main difference of GELBURST 25 high version and low version is the shoe collar. It reduces the height for more flexible space. It uses full-length FlyteFoam technology with GEL on the shoe heel. The low version also has 7 couples of shoelaces. The two shoelaces holes on the midsole position are made of leather, and it extends and connects with the insole. It can lock the foot and offer lateral support. The GELBURST 25 has good cushion performance, fitness and flexibility.

The characteristics of GELBURST 25 Low:

1.The insole uses FlyteFoam technology with GEL on shoe heel.

2. The leather shoelace rings connect the vamp and insole, which improve the fitness and supporting performance.

3. The TPU plate of shoe heel and TWISTRUSS SYSTEM of insole offer anti-torsion performance and stability.

The middle part of outsole distributes ventilated holes to improve the air permeability.

The outsole uses N.C.RUBBER which is wear-resisting.

The unit weight of men’s size US9.5 is about 380g.

The GELBURST is born for the request of air permeability and lightweight. The mesh fabric vamp and the ventilated holes on the outsole are the always the characteristics of GELBURST series basketball shoes.

My favorites 3 parts of GELBURST 25 Low:


ASICS get the inspiration from engine cooling system. It has ventilated holes on the sole and shoe-pad. So the air permeability is good.

  1. The inner side of shoe collar has wearproof leather.

ASICS cover synthetic leather on the inner side of shoe collar where is easy to wear and tear. It extends the using life.

  1. The vamp is combined type

After passing so many years, GELBURST still guarantee the good air permeability, except the ventilated holes of sole, the mesh fabric material also keep the good supporting performance and air permeability.

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MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 & WAVE SKY NEO 2 Performance Review

The MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 and MIZUNO WAVE NEO 2 are very comfortable running shoes. They are designed for completing the running games. The configuration including insole, vamp and outsole are not for racing. It’s worthy to consider them for long slow distance.


The unit weight of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 is not light. But after wearing, it has the agravic feedback.The shoe heel of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 has ample sense of depth. The 32mm insole is decorated with pretty blue lines.

The vamp is made of one piece of Smooth stretch woven, which will reduce the oppressing sensation when running. The embossing Run Bird logo has stitch to reinforce to offer the supporting performance to both sides of vamp.

The shoe tongue is made of ventilated mesh fabric. The shoe heel has WAVE SKY 05 mark.

It uses the top-level MIZUNO ENERZY material to make the MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 insole. The substrate insole MIZUNO ENERZY with built-in MIZUNO ENERZY CORE and the surrounding insole foam to make the softness, supporting performance and resilient FOAM WAVE insole.

Except the optimization of insole material, the outsole pattern of WAVE SKY 5 is more fearless than WAVE SKY 4. The outsole of shoe heel part uses wear-resisting X10 rubber material. The grooves of forefoot sole cooperating with insole improve the flexibility.


The MIZUNO NEO series shoes uses socks type vamp as its characteristics from 2020. And WAVE SKY NEO 2 combines its function and material and brings the popular running shoes’ design. The high cushioning insole is made of several materials. It based on the WAVE SKY NEO and adjust the vamp, the shape looks more concise.

The vamp is made of WAVE KNIT. We can see plaid knitted grain.

The shoe heel has TPU support.It’s decorated with WAVE SKY NEO 02 mark.

The single layer knitted vamp of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is suitable for most of feet types. It continues the ENERZY wave shaped insole. Combining with MIZUNO ENERZY and MIZUNO ENERZY CORE materials, it’s very comfortable.

The insole and outsole continues the structure of WAVE SKY NEO 1. The round outsole pattern offers great traction performance. The red part is the MIZUNO ENERZY CORE material.


Both of MIZUNO WAVE SKY 5 and MIZUNO WAVE SKY NEO 2 are comfortable running shoes. The insole constitution is similar. It has high cushioning characteristics. From the design of outsole, WAVE SKY 5 is more flexible than WAVE SKY NEO 2. But WAVE SKY NEO 2 offers more support if standing or walking.

The socks type design of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is higher than WAVE SKY 5. And the insole is also higher. Both of the forefoot sole height is 24mm, but the shoe heel height of WAVE SKY NEO 2 is 34mm, it’s 2mm higher than WAVE SKY 5. So the cushion performance WAVE SKY NEO 2 shoe heel is better.

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The Performance Review of Saucony Endorphin Pro +

Today we want to share some performance reviews of Saucony Endorphin Pro + with you.

  1. The inspiration of Endorphin Pro + comes from the spiked shoes. The vamp of Endorphin Pro + don’t have any supporting structure design.
  2. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, the improvement of Endorphin Pro + is the lightweight, which is due to the vamp.
  3. Due to the thinner single layer suede leather material, the size US9 Endorphin Pro + is 197g. It’s 16g lighter than Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.
  4. The thinner vamp has better air permeability, but it also means that the supporting performance and fitness of Endorphin Pro + is worse.
  5. As is sacrifices the supporting performance of vamp, Endorphin Pro + has higher request for the runners.
  6. The supporting performance is weaker. The supporting performance of Endorphin Pro + mainly comes from the built-in shoe-pad.
  7. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, Endorphin Pro + don’t have any changes on the insole and outsole. It also uses PWRRUN PB foam with full-length spade shape carbon plate. It is covered with wearproof rubber on the position of outsole where is easy to wear and tear. But Endorphin Pro +still have the same problem as Endorphin Pro, the skid resistance on wet road is not good.
  8. The colorway of Endorphin Pro +is white & silver. The appearance looks nice.
  9. So are Endorphin Pro +suitable for what kind of runners? Maybe it’s suitable for the top-level runners. As for most of runners, the performance of Endorphin Pro is good enough. It doesn’t need to sacrifice the supporting performance and fitness for lightweight.
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BROOKS CASCADIA 16 Performance Review

CASCADIA is BROOKS’ famous cross-country running shoes. BROOKS started to cooperate with Scott Jurek from 2005. BROOKS’s great exercising technology cooperating with professional runners’ experience open the history of CASCADIA cross-country running shoes. The Brooks CASCADIA 16 has been released. It uses the brand-new insole technology and outsole structure.

DNA LOFT V2 is lighter and softer:
The biggest change of CASCADIA 16 is the insole technology. The previous CASCADIA series shoes use BioMoGo DNA dynamic cushion technology insole as core. And CASCADIA16 change to DNA LOFT V2 technology insole which is softer and lighter. Comparing with CASCADIA 15, CASCADIA 16 is 5% softer and 20% lighter. The characteristics of CASCADIA 16:
1.The shoe tongue connected with the left and right shoe holes to avoid the sandstone to go inside.
2.The bottom of vamp has TPU to prevent the mud.
3.It has the installation to store the shoelaces.
4.DNA LOFT V2 technology insole
5.TrailTrack rubber outsole
6.The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is about 8mm.
7.The width of men’s shoe tree is 2E, and women’s shoe tree is 1D.
8.The unit weight of men’s size US9 is about 298g, and women’s size US6.5 is about 255g.

CASCADIA 16 GTX reinforcement with GORE-TEX waterproof technology:
The same as other Brooks running shoes, CASCADIA 16 also released the GORE-TEX waterproof technology version. If you also run on raining day, you can choose the GTX version. The appearance of CASCADIA 16 and CASCADIA 16 GTX is almost the same. When purchasing, you can see if the front end of the shoelaces ring has GRO-TEX tag.

The CASCADIA 16 GTX uses GORE TEX®Invisible Fit technology. It put the waterproof and windproof ventilated thin film in the shoes, which can isolate the water outside.
Characteristics of CASCADIA 16 GTX:
1.GTX version has waterproof effect.
2.The shoe tongue design can prevent the sands going inside the shoes.
3.It has TPU retaining wall under the vamp.
4.It has the installation for collecting the shoelaces.
5.The insole uses DNA LOFT v2 technology.
6.It uses TrailTack guiding rubber outsole.
7.The drop height is about 8mm.
8.The unit weight of men’s size US9 is about 326g, and the unit weight of women’s size US6.5 is about 289g.

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Deconstructed AIR JORDAN 36

The vamp of AIR JORDAN XXXVI uses Leno-weave material which can reduce the weight but not sacrifice the strength of vamp. It uses full-length Zoom Stroble air cushion with fan shaped ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole. The user can feel the feedback and resilience from the insole directly. Let’s have a clear look at its actual configuration.


Splitting the left shoe from middle part

AIR JORDAN 36 A-A section

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The unit weight of EUR42.5 vamp is about 106.6g.

The independent shoe-tongue has a lot of ventilated holes which can reduce the weight and improve the air permeability.

Leno-weave is a kind of knitted way of vamp material. It not only can reduce the weight, but also maintain the strength and tenacity of vamp. The knitted way is to intertwine two pieces of warps (longitudinal yarn) and a piece of weft yarn (lateral yarn).

The stiff shoe-pad has punching design to reduce the weight.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 26.5g.

The insole fabric is the isolating layer of air cushion.

Under the isolating layer is the ZOOM STROBLE air cushion.

The isolating layer and Zoom Stroble air cushion is stitched with upper.

The front side of Zoom Stroble air cushion has many grooves to increase the exercising flexibility.

The weight of EUR42.5 Zoom Stroble air cushion is about 30.6g.

The length of EUR42.5 Zoom Stroble air cushion is about 275mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s Zoom Stroble air cushion is about 87.28mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s Zoom Stroble air cushion is about 7.74mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear sole’s Zoom Stroble air cushion is about 7.48mm.

Taking away the ZOOM STROBEL air cushion, forefoot sole’s fan-shaped Zoom air cushion and arch TPU stabilizing plate

The weight of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s fan-shaped ZOOM air cushion is about 7.2g.

The length of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s fan-shaped ZOOM air cushion is about 51.21mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s fan-shaped ZOOM air cushion is about 78.06mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s fan-shaped ZOOM air cushion is about 7.67mm.

The X shaped TPU stabilizing plate of arch position

The weight of EUR42.5 arch X shaped TPU stabilizing plate is about 9.5g.

The length of EUR42.5 arch X shaped TPU stabilizing plate is about 86.45mm.

The width of EUR42.5 front end arch X shaped TPU stabilizing plate is about 61.20mm.

The width of EUR42.5 rear end arch X shaped TPU stabilizing plate is about 47.14mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 arch X shaped TPU stabilizing plate is about 1.95mm.

The width of EUR42.5 upturning TPU retainer plate on arch position is about 75.23mm.

The TPU insole retainer plate uses separating design of insole and outsole. It guarantees the stability, and reduce the weight.

The weight of EUR42.5 TPU insole retainer plate is about 7.4g.

The thickness of EUR42.5 TPU insole retainer plate is about 2.11mm.

It adds a piece of TPU stabilizing plate near to the outsole to connect the insole of forefoot and shoe heel. It improves the stability.

The weight of EUR42.5 orange TPU stabilizing plate is about 7.4g.

The length of EUR42.5 orange TPU stabilizing plate is about 92.33mm.

The width of EUR42.5 orange TPU stabilizing plate front end is about 76.66mm.

The width of EUR42.5 orange TPU stabilizing plate rear end is about 67.52mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 orange TPU stabilizing plate is about 1.85mm.

The 3 pieces of different shaped TPU stabilizing plat cooperate with the rubber outsole to improve the rigidity of insole.

The opening position of rear sole is covered with transparent TPU. The size US8-US10 uses the parts in same size.

The weight of EUR42.5 transparent TPU is about 2.2g.

The length of EUR42.5 transparent TPU is about 43.95mm.

The width of EUR42.5 transparent TPU is about 43.79mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 transparent TPU is about 1.22mm.

The XDR rubber uses upturning design on emphasis stressing position to improve the stability.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole’s XDR rubber is about 3.47mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear sole’s XDR rubber is about 3.1mm.

The thickness of forefoot sole (insole + outsole) is about 19.40mm.

The thickness of rear sole (insole+outsole) is about 25.82mm.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 355g.

AIR JORDAN XXXVI deconstructed parts

Deconstructed Report

Vamp:The upper vamp uses Leno-wave material to reduce the weight. It’s light and has good air permeability. The ankle position uses leather material to improve the stability. The half bottom of vamp is actually constituted by upturning insole. It uses foam material of insole to make the vamp.

Insole: It uses double-deck Zoom Air cushion. The thickness of forefoot sole is 15.15mm (7.48+7.67). The thickness of shoe heel is about 22.08mm. The drop height is about 6.55mm. AJ36 is a pair of representative defender’s shoes. The arch position don’t have foaming insole, it reduces the weight. And it uses 3pcs TPU stabilizing plate in different shapes to replace. It guarantees the rigidity of insole.

Overall: Air Jordan 36 pursues extreme lightweight. The unit weight of EUR42.5 AJ36 is about 355g.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: CONVERSE BB JET

Recently, the Converse brand released the brand-new basketball shoes CONVERSE BB JET which is designed for explosive speed.


The front side of black shoebox is printed with Converse logo.

The side shoe tag

The vamp is made of dense hot-melting material to improve the protection.

The vamp uses 7 couples of shoelace holes which use different shape on different stressing positions.

The 4-7 couples shoelace holes not only have round holes, but also haev complex fiber ropes. The 4-6 couples are rubber and plastic material. And the 7 couple is metal material. You can adjust them by your foot type.

The outboard forefoot vamp uses double-deck thermo-compression technology, which can guarantee the lateral support and improve the overall stability.

The shoe heel has white Converse logo.

The material of shoe upper is corduroy, and it uses thermo-compression technology on the commissure of shoe heel to improve the durability.

The inner side uses stiff knitted vamp to improve the supporting performance. It also has red three-dimensional embossing Converse logo.

The shoe heel uses double-deck shoe collar design. The inner layer of shoe collar is filled with foam to fit the ankle.

The second foaming insole uses upturning and lengthen design on the shoe heel to improve the stability.

The big area of transparent rubber outsole touch more area of ground.

The forefoot sole uses multiple pattern to improve the traction performance.

The arch part has SPEED PLATE nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate.

The ortholite shoe-pad is printed with the technologies SPEED PLATE and ZOOM AIR that CONVERSE BB JET uses.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 277mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is about 97.16mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 4.54mm.

It uses EVA material insole fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 CONVERSE BB JET is about 398.1g.

CONVERSE BB JET will release more colorways for your choice. And different colorway will uses different material on the vamp.

The black and gray colorway vamp use a kind of stiff knitted material.

The red and white colorway vamp uses dense soft mesh fabric, the inner side uses stiff fabric, and the shoe heel uses corduroy.

The black and gray model use black and white rubber outsole.

The red and white model use transparent rubber outsole.


CONVERSE BB JET uses low type design. It has the sense of speed. It uses ZOOM air cushion with speed plate nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate.  The outsole pattern offers excellent traction performance.

The length of Converse shoes are longer than normal size. The shoelace holes are useful. You can adjust it by your own request. The stability and supporting performance are good. The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is not big. You can feel the feedback of forefoot Zoom air cushion easily. The SPEED PLATE nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate improve the rigidity of insole.

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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE Performance Review

UA keep developing the vamp, insole and outsole these years. The UA Flow Velociti SE change to use knitted vamp, and the insole and outsole is UA Flow technology which is the same as Flow Velociti Wind. The fitness, air permeability and flexibility are excellent.

The main colorway is white. The instep position uses blue lines and different knitted way. The lateral integrated insole uses orange to mark the UA FLOW technology. The outsole is white. The integral color looks concise and cool. It’s suitable for wearing in Summer.

The unit weight of US8 UA Flow Velociti SE is about 230g. It’s very light.


UA Flow Velociti SE uses socks type knitted vamp, and it uses different flat knitting structure on the instep. It uses different density for heat dissipation. Both sides of midsole has TPU yarn to reinforce the strength. The integral knitted design increase the air permeability, strength and fitness. It’s comfortable.


The UA FLOW foam technology make the integrated type insole and outsole. The shoes fit the feet very well. Although the sole is thick, but it’s similar to the feeling of bared feet.

Outsole & other details:

It cancels the rubber outsole and uses integrated type UA FLOW outsole.Except keeping the good abrasive resistance, it also increases the anti-skid resistance and resilience. When exercising, the fitness and anti-skid resistance are excellent. Although it’s light, but it also uses UA Record Sensor chip technology. It can help you to record and analyse the exercising data.


UA FLOW Velociti SE improves the air permeability, fitness and anti-skid resistance. The socks type knitted vamp will fit your feet better, and improve the fitness and air permeability. The integrated type UA FLOW insole and outsole can improve the flexibility and anti-skid resistance. The UA Flow Velociti SE technology will help you to improve the exercising skill.