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Today we want to talk about the performance of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2. The MIZUNO fans are familiar with WAVE series. The WAVE insole and wave type plate offers good stability which is always the advantages of WAVE series. MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 uses the brand-new ENERZY insole and G3 outosle which offers the new experience to the runners.


At the first sight of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2, it’s totally different with my impression of MIZUNO running shoes. The socks type vamp of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 is thick. The unit weight is about 205g-208g (my size is 25.5cm). I’m surprised at the weight.

The vamp has many ventilated holes.

The insole of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 uses the brand-new ENERZY material WAVE design. It offers better resilience and keep the good stability. The forefoot sole uses brand-new G3 outsole which can grip the ground well.

I doubted the stability and air permeability of knitted socks type vamp. But after wearing, the doubts have gone. Although the socks type vamp don’t have the shoe tongue, but it still fit the foot very well. The thick vamp can offer good stability, and the air permeability is also excellent. MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 improves the vamp design. It changes to the unidirectional knitted design to improve the supporting performance and stability.

The new G3 outsole can grip the ground well, not matter the PU track, asphalt road or sidewalk.

The brand-new ENERZY insole is soft and has excellent resilience. It’s stable when running. It’s easy for the runners to break-in.

Overall, I think that MIZUNO WAVE RIDER NEO 2 is suitable for most of road conditions. We recommend to the runners who want a pair of running shoes which can offer stability on mid-long distance.


  1. The improved knitted socks type vamp has excellent performance on the air permeability, fitness and stability.
  2. The brand-new ENERZY WAVE insole offers comfortable feedback.
  3. It’s suitable for daily training or tempo running.

But it’s unsuitable for intermittent fast speed training.