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New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 Performance Review

As a marathon amateur, I’m familiar with New Balance brand. Its outstanding foot sense and great workmanship is impressed. But the NB running shoes are always similar, it’s lack of audacious design philosophy. When I get the brand-new New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2, it break my invariable perception of NB style. The appearance is nice.


It’s amazing at the first sight of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2. The vamp is covered by 3D printing NB logo. The visual impact NB logo is the light spot.

The vamp uses knitted material. It has good resilience and air permeability. It’s also light. The visible big ventilated holes help to keep the feet cool. The light material also reduce the weight of the shoes.

The unit weight of EUR42 New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 is 214g. Although it’s a little heavier than last generation, but it’s still very light.

The shoe tongue is very thin and it’s distributed with ventilated holes. The shoe tongue can fit the instep well. The flat shoelaces are not easy to fall off.

The insole of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 uses FuelCell. It’s thicker than last generation. The thickness of rear sole is 39mm and the forefoot is 31mm, the drop height is 8mm.

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 has full-length carbon plate. The middle part uses hollow-out design. It reduces the weight. And we can see the carbon plate via the hollow-out design. The stiff carbon plate combines with the soft and resilient insole perfectly. They can cooperate well.

The outsole uses integrated rubber. It’s used for marathon. And it has reinforced design on the area where is easy to wear and tear.

The inner shoe-pad has small holes for air permeability and drainage function. It’s soft and resilient. The shoe-pad also looks nice.

The shoe tree of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 is wide. The thin vamp fit the foot well. It won’t restrain your foot.

It also has reinforcement and support on the important position such as shoe head, shoe heel, shoe upper and shoelaces holes. So the shoes won’t be too soft due to the thin vamp. The cushion performance and resilience of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 is good.

The built-in carbon plate can offer the impetus, and it has high request for the runners. It’s top-level racing shoes for the elite runners. If you pursue the speed and comfort level, you can choose it.

The FuelCell insole is the top-level technology of New Balance. It offers the excellent cushion performance and can offer good resilience. The thickened insole can help it to exert its performance.

There are many details of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 which is helpful for running, such as the reflective stickers, the crashproof U shaped support on the shoe head, and hollow-out insole etc.

Advantages of New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2:

  1. It has top-level configuration and nice appearance.
  2. It uses carbon plate technology.
  3. The FuelCell insole technology has got positive feedback in the market.
  4. The resilient insole and lightweight design is the necessary characteristics for pursuing the speed.
  5. The knitted vamp offers better air permeability and comfort level. It’s a pair of nice racing shoes.


The present price is a little high. The knitted vamp is too thin, it’s unsuitable for wearing in Winter. And it’s not durable. You need to be careful when daily dressing.