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The Performance Review of Jordan Zion 1

The first pair of Zion Williamson’s signature shoes Jordan Zion 1 get high attention after releasing. Many guys are expecting the performance and configuration of Zion 1. Let’s talk about it today.

Appearance: The appearance of Jordan Zion 1 is concise. It has the representative element of Zion Williamson. The Z logo looks nice.

Fitness: The shoe tongue design is required by Zion. He requires the thick shoe tongue. It’s comfortable. The overall fitness is good. It’s above average. After fastening the shoelaces, the feet can be fixed well in the shoes.

Cushion Performance: Jordan Zion 1 uses full-length Air Strobel cushion and Zoom Air cushion, which is not great, but it’s cost effective for its present price. The forefoot sole is soft and elastic. The rear sole is soft. The insole has a layer of thick Phylon. The cushion performance of Zion 1 is better than most of the basketball shoes at the same price level.

Supporting Performance: The supporting performance of single layer vamp is not good. The shoe head has reinforcement to protect. The padding of ankle position is thick, which also can offer the support and protection.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance: The outsole pattern is similar to coralline pattern. It’s irregular, and the material is soft. The traction performance is great. But the abrasive resistance is not good.

Due to the shoe tree and shape of outsole, Zion 1 is very comfortable. It adds a piece of arch supporting plate under the Air Strobel cushion to improve the supporting performance and anti-torsion performance. The outboard anti-rollover performance is excellent. But the strength, anti-rollover performance and supporting performance will be weaker as time goes on.