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Unboxing & Closed Look: CONVERSE BB JET

Recently, the Converse brand released the brand-new basketball shoes CONVERSE BB JET which is designed for explosive speed.


The front side of black shoebox is printed with Converse logo.

The side shoe tag

The vamp is made of dense hot-melting material to improve the protection.

The vamp uses 7 couples of shoelace holes which use different shape on different stressing positions.

The 4-7 couples shoelace holes not only have round holes, but also haev complex fiber ropes. The 4-6 couples are rubber and plastic material. And the 7 couple is metal material. You can adjust them by your foot type.

The outboard forefoot vamp uses double-deck thermo-compression technology, which can guarantee the lateral support and improve the overall stability.

The shoe heel has white Converse logo.

The material of shoe upper is corduroy, and it uses thermo-compression technology on the commissure of shoe heel to improve the durability.

The inner side uses stiff knitted vamp to improve the supporting performance. It also has red three-dimensional embossing Converse logo.

The shoe heel uses double-deck shoe collar design. The inner layer of shoe collar is filled with foam to fit the ankle.

The second foaming insole uses upturning and lengthen design on the shoe heel to improve the stability.

The big area of transparent rubber outsole touch more area of ground.

The forefoot sole uses multiple pattern to improve the traction performance.

The arch part has SPEED PLATE nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate.

The ortholite shoe-pad is printed with the technologies SPEED PLATE and ZOOM AIR that CONVERSE BB JET uses.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 277mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is about 97.16mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 4.54mm.

It uses EVA material insole fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 CONVERSE BB JET is about 398.1g.

CONVERSE BB JET will release more colorways for your choice. And different colorway will uses different material on the vamp.

The black and gray colorway vamp use a kind of stiff knitted material.

The red and white colorway vamp uses dense soft mesh fabric, the inner side uses stiff fabric, and the shoe heel uses corduroy.

The black and gray model use black and white rubber outsole.

The red and white model use transparent rubber outsole.


CONVERSE BB JET uses low type design. It has the sense of speed. It uses ZOOM air cushion with speed plate nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate.  The outsole pattern offers excellent traction performance.

The length of Converse shoes are longer than normal size. The shoelace holes are useful. You can adjust it by your own request. The stability and supporting performance are good. The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is not big. You can feel the feedback of forefoot Zoom air cushion easily. The SPEED PLATE nylon fiberglass stabilizing plate improve the rigidity of insole.