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Splitting the left shoe from middle part


Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The independent shoe tongue is convenient for putting on and taking off. The soft lining improve the comfort level

The cow leather vamp is soft.

The thickness of the shoe head leather and rubber is about 5.03mm. It improves the protection.

The thickness of cow leather vamp is about 1.77mm.

The shoe-pad leather is similar to silica gel. It’s elastic.

The multi-layer composite insole fabric is filled with foam which improves the comfort level.

The insole fabric has 3 layers. The topside is thin mesh fabric. The middle interlayer is foam. And the bottom side is thick non-woven fabric.

The CX foaming material insole has lots of punching holes which reduce the weight and improve more deforming space.

All around the insole use upturning design which fix the feet in the shoes.

The forefoot sole uses 3 groove design on the force bearing point, which can save effort when exercising.

The stack-up progressive design increase the protection.

The divisional rubber outsole reduce the weight.

The upturning rubber on the arch position increase the stability.

The thickness of EUR42.5 outsole rubber of forefoot force pressing point is about 5.10mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 heelpiece outsole rubber is about 5.44mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot sole (insole+outsole) is about 21.95mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 heelpiece sole (insole+outsole) is about 30.25mm. The drop height is about 8.3mm.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 522.3g.

CONVERSE WEAPON CX  deconstructed parts

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The black and white colorway is classic. The cow leather vamp looks great.

Insole: The thickness of CX foaming insole is about 3cm. The shoe-pad is elastic. It’s comfortable.

Overall: CONVERSE WEAPON CX keeps the symbolic design elements. After re-making, it looks more modern. The function is better. It’s also more fashionable and suitable for daily dressing.