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Air Jordan 36 Performance Review

Many fans complaint that Air Jordan 36 looks ugly after it’s exposed. Recently, it’s finally released, it looks not bad, but I don’t like the firstly released colorway. What about the performance of Air Jordan 36? We will share some reviews of the performance of Air Jordan 36.

Air Permeability:
The air permeability of Air Jordan 36 is good. It’s said that the vamp of Air Jordan 36 is made of brand-new Leno-weave material which can reduce the unit weight of the shoes, so that the AJ36 can keeps lightweight and good strength.
The fitness of AJ36 is good. Although the vamp material is light, but the fitness is good. And we don’t need to worry about its supporting performance and anti-rollover performance.
Cushion Performance:
The insole of AJ36 uses full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushion with forefoot fanshaped Zoom Air cushion. The forefoot sole has double-deck cushion.
Abrasive Resistance:
The AJ36 has two kinds of outsole for your choice, that is, crystal outsole and XDR wear-resisting outsole. I suggest to choose the XDR outsole which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts.
Skid Resistance:
For the outsole, Air Jordan 36 still uses herringbone pattern. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone outsole is good. So that the skid resistance is also excellent.

AJ36 is more suitable for defenders, PG and shooters. When guaranteeing the lightweight, AJ36 also keeps good actual performance. But it’s unsuitable for center forward.
Size: The size of AJ36 is standard. But the shoe head of AJ36 is similar to AJ30, it will be a little tight.Overall, the center of gravity of AJ36 is a little high, you need to pay attention on the anti-rollover performance. But the vamp strength of AJ36 is good. The air permeability is excellent. The crystal outsole is soft, but as you know, the abrasive resistance will be worse if playing on outdoor court. If you like to play basketball on outdoor court, it’s better to choose the XDR outsole version.