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UA HOVR Mega 2 Clone CN Performance Review

With the progress of science and technology, the running shoes mainly researches light, elastic, cushioning and comfortable. Under Armour released the brand-new HOVR Mega 2 Clone running shoes which also use UA HOVR innovative cushion technology. It has both speed and comfortable.

What’s the difference of HOVR Mega 2 Clone with other running shoes?Let’s have a look at it today.

UA HOVR cushioning technology

It continues the characteristics of UA HOVR technology. The HOVR is thicker and bigger. The HOVR foaming material insole combining with the special pattern outsole provides perfect flexibility and force of friction. Combining with the characteristics of cushion, energy feedback and flexibility etc, we can feel the feedback from insole obviously.

Super Clone Technology Vamp

The Clone technology uses flexible material. It won’t be tight under pressing. It can fix the foot well and reduce the oppressing sensation and tight feeling. The Clone vamp cooperates with EVA shoe-pad and TPU stabilizing plate of shoe heel. It reduces the slide, and pursuing better comfort level and air permeability. The three layers’ stretching vamp offers excellent fitness and protection to the foot. The shoes can adapt to different foot types and offer zero-G cushion experience and energy feedback. It feels like customized shoes.

The rear insole is higher and front sole is lower. So it will push to run forward. As the insole uses fill-length UA HOVR, the comfort level and cushion performance of HOVR Mega 2 Clone are excellent.  It doesn’t need time to breaking-in. It has the main characteristics of a pair of running shoes, stability, cushion and resilience.

The outsole of HOVR Mega 2 Clone uses block array design. Its pattern is deep, so the abrasive resistance is great. It accords with the structure of foot. The special check pattern outsole improves the traction performance when exercising.

The thickness of HOVR Mega 2 Clone shoe-pad is thick. The surface of shoe-pad has good anti-skid effect. It’s comfortable and anti-skid. It can offer good resilient cushion performance.

The front view of HOVR Mega 2 Clone: it uses crashproof shoe head design. THe shoe-tongue is integrated type design. The shoe-tongue and vamp are connected by elastic retractable belt. I haven’t felt tight after wearing.

The shoe-heel has external TPU plate which can support the soft knitted vamp and prevent torsion. It has good supporting and stabilizing performance.

The rear view of HOVR Mega 2 Clone: It has 3M reflective tap and reflective pasters which improve the safety when running at night.

The air permeability of HOVR Mega 2 Clone is great and the resilient feedback of forefoot sole is also excellent.

The resilience and cushion performance of HOVR Mega 2 Clone is great. It has inner increased design which can absorb the shock absorption when exercising. The traction performance is also great. With UA HOVR cushion technology, UA HOVR Mega 2 Clone CN is a pair of nice running shoes. It will offer wonderful running experience.