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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE Performance Review

UA keep developing the vamp, insole and outsole these years. The UA Flow Velociti SE change to use knitted vamp, and the insole and outsole is UA Flow technology which is the same as Flow Velociti Wind. The fitness, air permeability and flexibility are excellent.

The main colorway is white. The instep position uses blue lines and different knitted way. The lateral integrated insole uses orange to mark the UA FLOW technology. The outsole is white. The integral color looks concise and cool. It’s suitable for wearing in Summer.

The unit weight of US8 UA Flow Velociti SE is about 230g. It’s very light.


UA Flow Velociti SE uses socks type knitted vamp, and it uses different flat knitting structure on the instep. It uses different density for heat dissipation. Both sides of midsole has TPU yarn to reinforce the strength. The integral knitted design increase the air permeability, strength and fitness. It’s comfortable.


The UA FLOW foam technology make the integrated type insole and outsole. The shoes fit the feet very well. Although the sole is thick, but it’s similar to the feeling of bared feet.

Outsole & other details:

It cancels the rubber outsole and uses integrated type UA FLOW outsole.Except keeping the good abrasive resistance, it also increases the anti-skid resistance and resilience. When exercising, the fitness and anti-skid resistance are excellent. Although it’s light, but it also uses UA Record Sensor chip technology. It can help you to record and analyse the exercising data.


UA FLOW Velociti SE improves the air permeability, fitness and anti-skid resistance. The socks type knitted vamp will fit your feet better, and improve the fitness and air permeability. The integrated type UA FLOW insole and outsole can improve the flexibility and anti-skid resistance. The UA Flow Velociti SE technology will help you to improve the exercising skill.