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Unboxing and Closed Look: Reebok Floatride fast 2.0

Today, let’s have a closed look at Reebok Floatride fast 2.0.


It’s black and white colorway.

It uses Floatride technology insole. The cushion performance and feedback is good.

The shoe tongue of Reebok Floatride Fast 2.0 is upgraded to integrated type. It’s not easy to move when running.

The knitted vamp has good air permeability.

The shoe-pad is printed with Reebook logo.

The drop height is 8mm. It’s suitable for racing.

The unit weight of EUR44 is 241g. It’s light.

The rubber outsole looks durable.

Comparing with Floatriude run 2.0, the insole of run 2.0 is thicker.

Comparing with fast london, the insole of fast 2.0 is thicker.

I love all of these 3 pairs of running shoes, Floatride Fast 2.0, Floatriude run 2.0 and fast london.

The feeling of Reebok Floatriude run 2.0 is special. It’s different with other running shoes that I have.

When running, I almost can’t feel the exist of Reebok Floatriude run 2.0, and I can’t feel its weight, its cushion and its resilience. I can’t feel anything. But it can make me pay more attention on running. Anyway, I love Reebok Floatriude run 2.0.