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New Balance FuelCell Performance Review

The white shoes are popular in the market for several Summers. As a running amateur, I always try to find a pair of nice running white shoes. New Balance released a pair of white FulCell running shoes recently. It looks good, and it has processional performance of running shoes.

The New Balance FuelCell is concise. The appearance is fashion.

The forefoot vamp of New Balance FuelCell is made of elastic mesh fabric. The mesh has good air permeability. The hot coating on the edge of vamp can improve the protection of foot. The reflective taps on both sides of vamp can improve the running security at night.

From the first pair of lacing holes to shoe heel is covered with a layer of three-dimensional rhombus material. This kind of vamp structure is called as Dynamic Upper which is also used on VAZEE 2090 and it get good feedback in the market. The covering area of Dynamic Upper on FuelCell is bigger than VAZEE 2090. It can offer excellent fitness and supporting performance.

The shoelaces of New Balance FuelCell is light and soft. The head of shoelaces are made of aluminum.
The shoe tongue and vamp of New Balance FuelCell is integrated structure. It improves the fitness. And the shoe tongue is not easy to move. The padding of shoe collar is tight and not soft, it has good resilience.

The ortholite shoe-pad of New Balance FuelCell is very thin and soft. The air permeability is excellent. It can be washed.The outsole of New Balance FuelCell is not special, but the insole has technology. The upper layer of insole is REVlite cushion insole. REVlite cushion insole is light. The supporting performance of REVlite is good, and the feedback is fast. The bottom layer of insole is N2 cushioning material. The insole with REVLITE and N2 cushioning layer is also used in New Balance VAZEE 2090 running shoes. This technology is named as FuelCell by New Balance this year. New Balance FuelCell also uses stabilizing system on the rear sole which reinforce the stability and avoid being sprained. The outsole of New Balance FuelCell uses Ndurance rubber which has great durability and skid resistance.The appearance of New Balance FuelCell running shoes uses lightweight design. The unit weight of US9 New Balance FuelCell is about 293g. It’s common weight.

It’s hot day about 30℃ when testing New Balance FuelCell. The air permeability of Dynamic Upper is still good. As the mesh fabric on forefoot vamp is very thin. I haven’t felt hot when running. The vamp material of New Balance FuelCell is thin, so it doesn’t need to worry about the air permeability. It’s also easy to wash.The mesh fabric of New Balance FuelCell running shoes has resilience. The feedback is good. The fitness of Dynamic Upper is also good. The rhombus Dynamic Upper can offer enough supporting performance to the feet.The New Balance FuelCell running shoes uses N2 cushioning layer and REVlite cushion insole. The feedback is obvious when running. The insole of FuelCell is not soft. The feedback and resilience is fast. The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is only 6mm. It’s stable when running.

As speeding type running shoes, the unit weight of New Balance FuelCel is only 293g. It’s not light enough. But the vamp has good fitness and the feedback of insole is sensitive. It’s light when running. The cushion performance of insole is also excellent.
The structure of New Balance FuelCell should be the upgraded version of VAZEE 2090. New Balance FuelCell is suitable for long-distance speeding up running for some of runners. It’s a pair of professional running shoes, and it’s also a pair of fashion shoes.