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Unboxing and Closed Look: Adidas Harden Vol.5

Size: US9 EUR42 2/3

Unit Weight:480g

Shoe Tree: standard


The shoebox of Adidas Harden Vol.5 is cartoon type. The black shoebox is decorated with colorful patterns. It has Harden’s signature on the bottom of shoebox.

On the side tag of shoebox, it has the words Futurenatural beside the name Adidas Harden Vol.5. Futurenatural the new technology name of Adidas Harden Vol.5

Futurenatural is the combination of Future and Natural.

The insole of Adidas Harden Vol.5 uses the built-in full-length Boost with Lightstrike. It’s thick. It showed Boost above the shoe-pad.

Although the built-in insole is used in many shoes, but it also has some special design. It has a piece of stiff TPU material and three lines which extends from the insole to forefoot sole. Normally the built-in insole doesn’t have good anti-torsion performance, but Adidas Harden Vol.5 is an exception.

It also has upturning design on the insole, so that it can fix the foot very well.

The insole has a layer of Boost which improve the comfort level and enhance the feedback. And the LightStrike covers the Boost. As boost is heavy, but it uses Lightstrike which can reduce the overall weight.

The vamp of Adidas Harden Vol.5 uses hot-pressing forging technology. The vamp and outsole are integrated type. We haven’t seen the stitching lines.

The vamp uses high strength knitted material. It also uses some colorful composite material to reinforce the important parts.

The padding of shoe heel is thick. It has 4 pieces of foam padding on the part of ankle.

The outsole pattern of Adidas Harden Vol.5 is similar with Harden Vol.4, but not exactly same. It has the words of Boost on the outsole.

It also has some details, such as the Harden’s signature on the shoe tongue, Adidas logo on the pull-tab of shoe heel.

Overall, after closed looking at Adidas Harden Vol.5, I’m very interested in it. What’s the actual performance of Adidas Harden Vol.5? We will test it and share the performance with you soon.