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Unboxing and Closed Look: Adidas alphafly next%

What’s the present hot-sale racing shoes at present? Certainly it’s Adidas alphafly next%.

The Adidas alphafly next% is popular in the market,although the present price is high. After passing half year, Adidas alphafly next% get different judgement.

Today, let’s have a closed look at the Adidas alphafly next% Olympic Colorway.


The shoebox of Adidas alphafly next% not the classic one, it’s white shoebox with big Swoosh logo.

It also has a white shoe bag.

The appearance of Adidas alphafly next% keeps the design of previous generations. The insole of Adidas alphafly next% is thickened. It also adds two pieces of air cushion in the forefoot sole. It’s the unique design in the 2020 racing series shoes.


The unit weight of US9 Adidas alphafly next% is 213g. As it adds air cushion, the unit weight of Adidas alphafly next% is 30g heavier than Vaporfly.


The big Swoosh logo is gradient ramp pink. It also has smaller green Swoosh logo on the inner side of vamp. The edge of Swoosh logo is decorated with black.


Adidas alphafly next% uses newest wheat shoelaces. It increases the friction force, it’s not easy to loosen after fastening.

Shoe tongue

Adidas alphafly next% uses integrated shoe tongue. The resilience is good. It fits the foot. The pull-tab of shoe tongue is marked with NIKE AIR ZOOM ALPHAFLY NEXT%.


The vamp of Adidas alphafly next% is made of atomknit. It’s the lightest knitted way. We can see the big mesh. The air permeability is good. And the fitness is also good. The shoe head has reinforcement.


The lining of Adidas alphafly next% is simple, it only has a piece of surrounding foam to fill in the arch position. It’s light and it also can improve the stability. The counter on shoeheel is also strong.


The black pull-tab has green Swoosh logo. The upwarping range of shoe heel is big.


The structure of forefoot sole is ZoomX (upper layer), carbon plate (middle layer) and air cushion (bottom layer). The Zoom air cushion has good resilience. The rear sole has thickened ZoomX foam.

The Zoom fibril has deformed.


The forefoot sole uses soft rubber. And the rubber is thick and it adds the pattern to improve the traction performance. The rear sole is stiff abrasive rubber.

The mid-sole of Adidas alphafly next% is narrow. The forefoot space is wide enough, you can choose the standard size.