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Deconstructed Report of Nike KYRIE 7 EP

We have described the appearance details of Kyrie 7. It has made a big change on the appearance. So what about its technical configuration? Let’s have a look at it today.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

We can see the internal structure from the side section

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The vamp is covered with nylon reinforced mesh fabric. The durability is good.

The reverse side of vamp

The leather and counter improve the stability and supporting performance of shoe heel

The extended shoe heel is filled with extra foam padding.

The shoe-pad is printed with the technical information of Kyrie 7: ZOOM TURBO, COMPOSITE TEXTILE and COMPUTATIONAL TRACTION.

The surface of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven which is printed with the information of KYRIE 7.

The ZOOM TURBO air cushion covers the whole forefoot insole.

The ZOOM TURBO air cushion is covered with dents which improve the multi-directional flexibility.

The length of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion is about 113.88mm.

The width of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion is about 83.95mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 ZOOM TURBO air cushion IS ABOUT 8.09mm.

The rear insole is printed with the product information.

The outboard of forefoot sole is shark model. It improves the lateral support.

The blue TPU covers the outside of forefoot sole. It improves the stability.

The outsole of Kyrie 7 is XDR rubber, the pattern is big and deep.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot insole and outsole is about 16.93mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear insole and outsole is about 21.87mm. The drop height is 4.94mm.

The parts of Kyrie 7

The insole structure of KYRIE 5 VS KYRIE 6 VS KYRIE 7

Kyrie 5

Kyrie 6

Kyrie 7

The position of air cushion is almost the same. The difference is the upwarping range.

The drop difference of KYRIE 7 is 4.94mm. It’s 2.54mm higher than KYRIE 6.

The drop difference of KYRIE 6 is only 2.4mm. It’s too flat.

Kyrie 5, Kyrie 6, Kyrie 7 uses the same ZOOM TURBO air cushion.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 Kyrie 7 IS ABOUT 269.9g. The unit weight of EUR42.5 Kyrie 6 is 421.3g. It reduces 51.4g.

The weight of KYRIE 7 vamp is about 120.6g, the weight of KYRIE 6 vamp is about 161.2g. The vamp is lighter about 40.6g. The design structure and material of vamp is the main factors of reducing weight.

Deconstructed Report
Vamp: Kyrie 7 uses knitted vamp and is covered with nylon reinforcing mesh. It has hot-melting belt to improve the overall supporting performance. The stability is good. The height of vamp is reduced, it improves the fitness. If your foot is wide and instep is high, it needs times to break-in.

Insole: Kyrie 7 uses the ZOOM TURBO air cushion of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. The feedback and flexibility are undoubtedly.

Overall: The shape of KRYIE 7 is more succinct, it can reduce the weight. The ZOOM Turbo air cushion is used from KYRIE 5 to KYRIE 7. It can prove that ZOOM TURBO air cushion is suitable to the playing way of KYRIE.