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Deconstructed Report of Nike PG 5

Today we want to share the deconstruct  report of PG 5 with you.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The section of left shoe, the insole uses full-length AIR STROBEL cushion.

Separating the vamp with insole.

The lining is comfortable.

The built-in counter and synthetic leather on the shoe heel improve the supporting performance.

The yellow shoe-pad is printed with PG logo

We can see the air cushion pattern clearly from the insole fabric.

The Air Strobel cushion above the insole

The length of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion is about 279mm

The width of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion on forefoot sole is about 90.62mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 Air Strobel cushion is about 7.29mm

The X type TPU arch supporting plate is between the air cushion and insole, it covers the whole arch.

The length of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 70.94mm.

The width of  EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 62.85mm.

The thinnest part of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 2.26mm thick.

The X TPU arch supporting plate and the triangle TPU on the outboard of insole can reduce the deformation.

It has a piece of soft TPU on the shoe heel, it can protect the air cushion.

The integrated rubber outsole

The thickness of EUR42.5 rubber outsole is about 3.47mm.

The point of strength height of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 16.74mm.

The point of strength height of EUR42.5 shoe heel is about 21.96mm. The drop height is 5.22mm.


PG 5

PG 4

From the side section,PG 5(left)and PG 4(right) use the same AIR STROBEL cushion.

PG 5 (L): the arch of shoe heel is more flat, and the height is also increased.

PG 4 (R): the arch of shoe heel tilt inward obviously.

For the same size EUR42.5, the width of  PG5 (L) AIR STROBEL cushion is wider than PG 4 (R).

The X TUP arch supporting plate of PG 5 (L) can cover the whole arch, and it has independent TPU on the outboard of insole.

PG 4 (R) only has a piece of arch supporting plate.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 PG 4 is about 391.4g.

The unite weight of EUR42.5 PG 5 is about 349g, it reduces about 42g.

Deconstructed Report of PG 5

Vamp: The stiff mesh fabric has good supporting performance. The shoe tree is wider. The fitness is excellent. The lengthen pull-tab of shoe heel is convenient for putting on and taking off the shoes.

Insole: The AIR STROBEL cushion brings excellent feedback. The big TPU supporting plate improves the stability of insole.

Overall: PG 5 still uses the AIR STROBEL cushion as the insole technology. By adjusting the material of vamp and insole, the fitness, stability and comfort level have been improved. But the appearance is not attractive.