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PUMA released several basketball shoes these years. And the shoes have nice performance and excellent stability, so many fans love them. Recently PUMA TRIPLE has been released, and the price is quite cheap. Let’s have a look at it today.

PUMA TRIPLE basketball shoes

The black shoebox is printed with white PUMA logo.

The shoebox side tag

The vamp is made of big mesh fabric. It’s reinforced with hot-melting material. The air permeability is good.

The shoe tongue has PUMA logo and basketball element.

The side of vamp and outboard of insole has two track logos. And the shoe collar also has a track logo.

The vamp is made of thin mesh fabric which can reduce the unit weight.

The shoe heel is made of leather which improve the stability, and it’s also decorated with PUMA logo.

The inner side outsole has upturning design which improves the forefoot stability.

The lightweight insole can absorb the impact force when exercising and transfers to resilience force.

The widened insole design offers more stability. The shark gill pattern of insole can reduce the deformation.

The integrated rubber outsole touches big area of ground, it’s stable.

The forefoot sole uses multi-directional acute angle patterns, which offers excellent traction performance.

The rear sole pattern uses indent design.

The surface of shoe-pad uses knitted material.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 273mm.

The width of EUR42 forefoot shoe-pad is about 92.02mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.65mm.

We can see the TPU stabilizing plate on the arch position via insole fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 370.1g.


The appearance of PUMA TRIPLE is concise. The shoe tongue has basketball element. The vamp is jointed with several materials. The air permeability and supporting performance is good. The size is half size bigger than standard size. The width of forefoot sole is moderate. The unit weight is not heavy. The lightweight insole offers obvious feedback.