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Nike KYBRID S2 Performance Review

Many guys are expecting the performance of Nike KYBRID S2 EP. Today we will share our performance review with you.

Comprehensive Assessment

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor court

Suited Players: The defenders whose weight is over 85kg

Suited Foot type: the shoe tree is narrow. If you have wide foot, it’s better to choose half size bigger than normal size. It’s better not choose it if you have high instep.

Abrasive Resistance: High

Air Permeability: Low

Cost Performance: Medium

Comfort Level: Low

The actual performance of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is good. I would like to talk about its disadvantages. Firstly, the shoe tree is quite narrow, especially the shoe head. My foot is not wide type, but it’s tight for me.

Moreover, it’s hard to put on and take off.

The second disadvantage is its traction performance. The same as KYRIE4, the outsole of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is stiff and thick, and it’s easy to absorb the dust. So the traction performance is not good on indoor court.

The cushion performance is not bad, it uses full-length cushion and U shaped Zoom air cushion on rear sole. With such configuration, the cushion performance of Nike KYBRID S2 EP should be better than Kyrie 5, Kyrie 6 & Kyrie 7, but it’s not.

The cushion performance of rear sole is not good. And the cushion performance is easy to decline. But its cushion performance is enough for the defenders whose weight is not heavy.

So why is it called as the best Kyrie basketball shoes? Why does it get good reputation?

As the separated parts’ performance and the overall performance is great.

Due to the Dionaea muscipula design, the fitness of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is great.

And you can adjust the shoelaces to fit your foot. If you like the tight fitness, Nike KYBRID S2 EP is suitable to you.

For shoe heel, the fitness of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is better than KYRIE6. And it uses the same outsole design as KYRIE4.

The supporting performance of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is perfect. Although the material of vamp is not special, but the actual supporting performance is excellent.

Both sides of Nike KYBRID S2 EP insole has upturning design. It increases the strength.

For insole, the cushion is softer than Phylon. But it’s stiff in the beginning, it needs time to break-in.

The outsole of Nike KYBRID S2 EP is suitable for outdoor court.

Comparing with Kyrie series basketball shoes, what’s its advantages? That is, stability, supporting performance and security.

The anti-torsion performance of KYBRID S2 is also great. It has built-in supporting plate as KYRIE4. The stability is better than Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6.

Overall, both of the performance and appearance of KYBRID S2 is the best of Kyrie series shoes.


Fitness: 9 scores

Supporting Performance: 9 scores

Feedback of forefoot sole:7 scores

Cushion Performance of rear sole: 8 scores

Anti-torsion Performance: 9 scores

Anti-rollover Performance: 9 scores

Traction Performance: 8.5 scores

Protection: 9 scores

Stability: 8.5 scores

Overall Performance: 86 scores

The overall performance of KYBRID S2 is great, but it’s not suitable for most of people, as the shoe tree is a little narrow. Comparing with Kyrie 7, I prefer to Kyrie 7.