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The Performance Review of NB FuelCell RC Elite V2

Comparing with the carbon running shoes FuelCell TC and FuelCell RC Elite, I think that the new released NB FuelCell RC Elite V2 is the combination of these two models.1.The height of forefoot sole is 28mm, the height of rear sole is 36mm, and the drop height of insole is about 8mm.

2.The insole thickness is thicker than Elite V1. But the drop height is reduced. The drop height of Elite V1 insole is 10mm (height of forefoot sole 22mm, height of rear sole 32mm).

3.Except the difference of insole, the obvious change of FuelCell RC Elite V2 is the vamp and outsole.
4.The vamp is revised to knitted vamp. And the ventilated holes are bigger. The comfort level and air permeability is better.5.The outsole is revised to thicker and bigger integrated wear-resisting rubber to increase the durability.6.As the insole is thicker and the outsole is covered more wear-resisting rubber, the unit weight of US9 FuelCell RC Elite V2 is about 220g, it’s heavier about 15g than Elite V1.
7.The appearance of FuelCell RC Elite V2 looks nice. The colorway that we get is white and red one. The red NB logo covers big area of the vamp.8.FuelCell RC Elite V2 is still soft and resilient. The thicker insole offer better comfort level.
9.FuelCell RC Elite V2 is soft. If you have high request for the cushion performance of carbon running shoes, FuelCell RC Elite V2 maybe a good choice.10.Overall, the feeling of FuelCell RC Elite V2 looks like the combination of FuelCell TC and FuelCell RC Elite. And it reduces the weight. It’s more softer and resilient. The appearance also looks nice. It’s worthy to have a try.