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The famous running shoes brand BROOKS’s core spirit is RUN HAPPY. Brooks believe that there are no same runners on the world, different people, the body, strength, speed and skill are different. So Brooks think that the mission of running shoes is to satisfy the runner’s request and run happy.

Today, we want to talk about BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5.

The vamp of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 is round knitted vamp with stealth fit structure to offer the good fitness and comfortable feeling to the runners. The integrated type single layer knitted vamp and shoe tongue has big area of ventilated holes, which not only offer good air permeability, but also reduce the unit weight. The unit weight of US10.5 is about 312g.

I like the logo design of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5. It uses semi-transparent 3D elastic printing material with climactic regula. It improves the speeding feeling of the running shoes, and the stability of insole after fastening the shoelaces.

The insole of BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 uses DNA AMP technology. The DNA AMP insole technology is a kind of high-density strong PU cushioning material.

The whole insole uses DNA AMP. The DNA AMP technology uses a layer of TPU to cover the insole, so it won’t be easy to deform when receiving the impact force from feet. It can stabilize the insole and give the resilient feedback to the runners.

The outsole design uses arrows grooves which are deep and have oblique angle. It can help the runners to run forward and grip the ground well.

Normally the full knitted shoes are comfortable, but unstable. But BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 don’t have this problem. The knitted vamp with Stealth Fit structure can fit the feet well and also keep the extending and heat sinking space. The Stealth Fit structure on the shoe tongue and collar can offer good support and stability to the runners when walking or running.

The DNA AMP insole technology is stiff with soft. When you speed up and increase the strength, the characteristics of DNA AMP technology will show up. It’s solid and stable when falling to the ground. The insole will feedback the energy.

I think that BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5 is suitable for tempo running and long-distance training. If you want a pair of running shoes with good cushion, protection and stability, you can try BROOKS LEVITATE STEALTHFIT 5.


  1. The knitted vamp with Stealth Fit structure offers good air permeability and supporting performance. It’s to offer the best moving comfort level to the runners.
  2. DNA AMP insole technology offers good energy feedback.
  3. The outsole has excellent traction performance.