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Altra King MT Performance Review

In 2016 when the brand released its new shoes, there arose a heat discussion. Although the shoes were not so impressive in appearance, they did impress us by its outstanding performance. And before long it launched another new shoes, the Altra King MT, which also got plenty of attention. Let’s get to know more about it then.

The first look of the shoe box might not impress you that much. It is simply a combination of black and white with the regular information  of shoes on the sides and a large Altra logo in the front. Upon opening the box, you can see the introduction and evaluation of the innovative technology of Altra shoes. And the odds are that you can’t wait to experience it after reading the introduction. But what is more considerate of Altra is that it also provides you with a guide for buying and wearing running shoes, which is rather nice for beginners.

As for the shoes, as its name suggests(which is named after Kings Peak, the highest mountain in Utah), it is excellent as a pair of cross-country shoes. And it is the white pattern on the shoe body that comes from this originality. Therefore, it is safe to say that the mountain pattern printed on the shoes is a bold innovation.

The vamp is made of tear-resistant breathable fabric and the two sides are made of TPU mesh which provides excellent air permeability as well as enough support and protection. However, on the strength of my experience, when I was going downhill, I felt that the support was a bit insufficient. In terms of the wrapping, although some buyers said that the vamp was as thin as a piece of paper, it is still prominent for it wraps the heel very well.

The toe is the symbolic FOOTSHAPE which is specifically designed to fit the shape of our feet so that there is enough space in the toe part instead of bringing press to our feet. In addition, the leather used in the front to a large extent enhances protection for our toes and durability for the shoes.

The Foot Lock Steap buckles are characteristic and are also one of the highlights of the shoes. And the innovative Velcro design helps prevent dirt from entering our shoes. Some may be wondering if the Velcro will be out of use in a short time because of the accumulated dust it absorbs during the process of running. For this problem, I should say that it won’t let you down too much, but you’d better build too much on it, either.

The outsole features a tech called the Trail Claw and Vibram’s new Megagrip. As a pair of off-road shoes, it meets the most basic requirements of providing steady and enough grip and anti-skid performance.

In the midsole, Altra King MT adopts EGO, a newly developed vibration-absorptive material, which is very soft and elastic. It not only protects our knees from shocks but also gives us continuous feedback. However, since the EGO is a bit thin(15mm), it might not be that good in protecting our feet. But do not worry. Aside from the EGO, there is the  Stone Guard built in between the midsole and the outsole to offer protection in case any sharp foreign matter would pierce the soles and injure our feet. 


Altra King MT is a lightweight off-road shoe with a large toe and attractive appearance. Honestly, when I first got the shoes, the Kings Peak design in the vamp and the personalized Foot Lock Steap instantly evoke my desire to take a off-road climbing. Generally speaking, it is a pair of off-road shoes that is more than suitable for short distance racing.