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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE Performance Review

As the athletes continue to improve the quality of thei training, sports equipment also keep updating the new technology and design to support the athletes to pursue excellent performance. UNDER ARMOUR released the untraditional UA FLOW integrated insole and outsole technology on March. It’s to get rid of the rubber outsole to reduce the unit weight of running shoes, meanwhile it keeps the insole having the performance of good suspension buffer, boosting feedback and keeping stability. To make the athletes to be stronger, Under Armour released the brand-new UA Flow Velociti SE running shoes. Excepting keeping the excellent tenacity and traction performance of UA Flow technology, the vamp of UA Flow Velociti SE uses new knitted technology which has great resilience and air permeability, it will offer excellent experience to the runners. It offers great fitness and stabilizing support, which will help the risk of injury and give runners the confidence to enjoy a safe and comfortable speed.

The brand-new UA FLOW integrated insole and outsole is the lightest insole technology of UNDER ARMOUR. The material offers the soft feeling and excellent cushion performance to the runners. Even if it doesn’t have rubber outsole, but the traction performance is excellent. With the excellent vamp fitness, you don’t need to worry the safety when turning, stopping and speeding up. UA Flow Velociti SE vamp uses lightweight design to reinforce the support. It improves the stability.

As one of the intelligent UA running shoes, UA Flow Velociti SE can also connect UA MapMyRun running app via the built-in insole intelligent chip. The chip can be used without charging.