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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE Performance Review

On the models of Under Armour with UA Flow technology, Flow Velociti is Under Armour’s current representative in the running shoes field. After Flow Velociti Wind, it released Flow Velociti SE which uses the knitted material to re-mark the vamp based on UA Flow technology. The vamp is thin but also has good elasticity.

Characteristics of Under Armour Flow Velociti SE:

  1. TheSE version uses socks type knitted vamp
  2. UA Flow technology makes integrated type insole and outsole.
  3. It can connects with UA MapMyRun APP.
  4. The drop height is 8mm. The height of forefoot sole is 18mm, and the height of shoe heel is 26mm.
  5. The unit weight of men’s size US9 is about 235g, and the unit weight of womensize is 221g.

The unit weight of Flow Velociti Wind and Flow Velociti SE is almost the same, the difference is only about 5g. The official described the UA Wrap vamp material of Flow Velociti Wind as “act like seatbelts on the foot”. If the vamp material of Flow Velociti Wind is so stable like seatbelts, then the knitted material of Flow Velociti SE should be “act like tights on the foot”, it can fit well but it won’t to be burden. As the flexibility of knitted material is high, if the size is right, it won’t loosen even if you haven’t fasten the shoelaces tightly.

UA Flow Velociti SE version uses integrated shoe tongue design. The fitness is excellent. It has heat emission holes on the position of instep and metatarsus. It uses TPU yarn on both sides of midsole extending to shoe heel to reinforce the important parts. It keeps the air permeability and supporting performance of the request of running shoes. And the inside of shoe heel keeps thickened pad.

The UA Flow foam is developed by Dow Chemical Company and Under Armour. Dow Chemical Company also participated in the design of UA HOVR technology. UA Flow has excellent anti-skid performance. After testing the abrasive resistance of UA Flow, Under Armour decides to give up the rubber material of outsole. UA Flow is used as insole and outsole. It not only offer lightweight but has excellent anti-skid performance. It reduces more than 50g than using traditional rubber outsole.

It uses the insole as outsole, many people would doubt it’s abrasive resistance. We have ran more than 30km and daily dressing for the model of Flow Velociti Wind, except the disappearing the shallow lines on the edges, the other patterns are still obvious. UA Flow technology is light and can offer good energy feedback.