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The Performance Review of Saucony Endorphin Pro +

Today we want to share some performance reviews of Saucony Endorphin Pro + with you.

  1. The inspiration of Endorphin Pro + comes from the spiked shoes. The vamp of Endorphin Pro + don’t have any supporting structure design.
  2. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, the improvement of Endorphin Pro + is the lightweight, which is due to the vamp.
  3. Due to the thinner single layer suede leather material, the size US9 Endorphin Pro + is 197g. It’s 16g lighter than Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.
  4. The thinner vamp has better air permeability, but it also means that the supporting performance and fitness of Endorphin Pro + is worse.
  5. As is sacrifices the supporting performance of vamp, Endorphin Pro + has higher request for the runners.
  6. The supporting performance is weaker. The supporting performance of Endorphin Pro + mainly comes from the built-in shoe-pad.
  7. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, Endorphin Pro + don’t have any changes on the insole and outsole. It also uses PWRRUN PB foam with full-length spade shape carbon plate. It is covered with wearproof rubber on the position of outsole where is easy to wear and tear. But Endorphin Pro +still have the same problem as Endorphin Pro, the skid resistance on wet road is not good.
  8. The colorway of Endorphin Pro +is white & silver. The appearance looks nice.
  9. So are Endorphin Pro +suitable for what kind of runners? Maybe it’s suitable for the top-level runners. As for most of runners, the performance of Endorphin Pro is good enough. It doesn’t need to sacrifice the supporting performance and fitness for lightweight.
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