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UA HOVR Phantom 2 Performance Review

Under Armour was founded in 1996. UA released HOVR Phantom series running shoes in 2018. The HOVR technology offers unprecedented experience to the runners. UA HOVR Phantom 2 has been upgraded based on UA HOVR Phantom 1. The overall performance has been upgraded. The cushion performance is much better.


The appearance of UA HOVR Phantom 2 is more fashion and pretty. It has several colorways. Today we will show you the orange one.

The vamp is made of knitted material. It’s socks type design. It can fit the feet very well. It’s comfortable. The material is soft. It has pull-tab on the shoe heel of UA HOVR Phantom 2. It’s convenient for putting on and taking off.

The vamp is jointed with two kinds of materials. The forefoot vamp uses high elastic knitted material. The mid-vamp uses non-elastic material to guarantee the fitness and lateral support. The shoe tongue has ventilated holes. It can keep the good air permeability. The stiff TPU stabilizing plate on the shoe heel doesn’t have good strength, but it guarantees the flexibility and supporting performance.

The shoe-pad is designed to fix type. The SpeedForm 2.0 shoe-pad is seamed with the vamp and insole. It’s soft and comfortable. The thickness of filled foam in different area of foot is different. And it has groove to guarantee the air permeability. It’s comfortable when walking. It has built-in sensing chip on the sole. It can connect with UA Run by Bluetooth get the running data to analysis. It can help you to reduce the injured risk when running and improve the running speed. But the UA RUN app has been closed. It’s a pity. But it doesn’t effect the excellent performance of UA HOVR Phantom 2.

The core technology HOVR insole is a cushion system. HOVR is made of olefin material and Energy Web. The olefin material can’t be used as insole of running shoes lonely. With the help of Energy Web, the HOVR system can exert its cushion performance and energy resilience. The HOVR insole is comfortable and it has excellent resilience. Comparing with UA HOVR Phantom 1, UA HOVR Phantom 2 uses more UA HOVR foam. The HOVR insole is light and stable.

The new UA HOVR Phantom 2 has upgraded the outsole pattern. It has more excellent traction performance. The rubber of outsole is also thick. It guarantees the lifetime. It’s also soft.

The UA HOVR Phantom 2 is a pair of nice running shoes with excellent cushion performance. It can be used for daily jogging. As it’s comfortable. The unit weight of EUR42.5 UA HOVR Phantom 2 is 298g. It’s quite light.

HOVR technology is soft. It’s very comfortable and it can satisfy your running request. The HOVR running shoes can suitable for daily training and full marathon around 5 hours. If you have heavy weight and you like long distance jogging, you can choose it.