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UA Curry 7 Performance Review

As you know, UA Curry 7 has been released for a long time. Since Curry 4, I haven’t purchase Curry series basketball shoes. I’m disappointed at its performance, moreover, the price is high. Let’s have a look at the performance review of UA Curry 7 today.


  1. Excellent Traction Performance

The outsole of UA Curry 7 is constituted by herringbone and semicircle lines. The one that I bought is grey rubber outsole. Some models is semi-transparent crystal outsole. The traction performance is excellent, I haven’t slipped when playing basketball on indoor wood floor.

▼Excellent traction performance

The abrasive resistance of grey rubber sole should be good. I’m not sure for the abrasive resistance of semi-transparent crystal outsole.

▼It seems that the abrasive resistance is good

  1. Good Supporting Performance

The key point of Curry 7 design is for the supporting performance.

The vamp of Curry 7 is mesh fabric, synthetic leather and TPU plate. The overall supporting performance is good. And the insole is upturning, it’s stable.
▼ The insole is upturning

The visible fluorescent light yellow TPU is the anti-torsion support which run through the insole and shoe heel. It doesn’t have special reinforcement on the shoe head, as the material of vamp it not thin.
▼The anti-torsion support is good.

▼The TPU on shoe heel is strong


  1. The cushion configuration is high, but the cushion performance is not good enough

Curry 7 uses Micro G with Hovr technology. It’s expectable. But after testing, I can’t feel the obvious feedback of cushion performance. My weight is 75kg. I’m not sure if the cushion performance will be different for different weight and playing way. If you have Curry 7 and you like its cushion performance, pls share your review with us.
▼Micro G + Hovr = Nothing

  1. Bad Fitness

We have motioned that Curry 7 has good supporting performance. But the shoe tree is a little wide for me. It can’t be adjusted by fastening the shoelaces.

And I feel that the shoe-pad is easy to slip. It’s hard to put on and take off. It doesn’t have dynamic shoelaces design.

Curry 7 is not suitable for most of people. Your feet can’t be too wide or too narrow, or your instep can’t be high.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7.5 star

Shoe Tree: a little wide

Size:it’s better to choose half size bigger.

As I mentioned in previous article, I think that the performance of Kyrie Flytrap III is similar to UA Curry 7. Curry 7 doesn’t fit me maybe due to my feet type. If your feet type is suitable to wear Curry 7, the performance will be better.

Overall, I’m disappointed at UA Curry series shoes. I think the signature shoe can be better. And the price is high. If you like the appearance of Curry 7 and you’re the fans of Curry, it’s not a problem to purchase it.