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The Performance Review of Saucony Endorphin Pro +

Today we want to share some performance reviews of Saucony Endorphin Pro + with you.

  1. The inspiration of Endorphin Pro + comes from the spiked shoes. The vamp of Endorphin Pro + don’t have any supporting structure design.
  2. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, the improvement of Endorphin Pro + is the lightweight, which is due to the vamp.
  3. Due to the thinner single layer suede leather material, the size US9 Endorphin Pro + is 197g. It’s 16g lighter than Saucony Endorphin Pro 2.
  4. The thinner vamp has better air permeability, but it also means that the supporting performance and fitness of Endorphin Pro + is worse.
  5. As is sacrifices the supporting performance of vamp, Endorphin Pro + has higher request for the runners.
  6. The supporting performance is weaker. The supporting performance of Endorphin Pro + mainly comes from the built-in shoe-pad.
  7. Comparing with Endorphin Pro, Endorphin Pro + don’t have any changes on the insole and outsole. It also uses PWRRUN PB foam with full-length spade shape carbon plate. It is covered with wearproof rubber on the position of outsole where is easy to wear and tear. But Endorphin Pro +still have the same problem as Endorphin Pro, the skid resistance on wet road is not good.
  8. The colorway of Endorphin Pro +is white & silver. The appearance looks nice.
  9. So are Endorphin Pro +suitable for what kind of runners? Maybe it’s suitable for the top-level runners. As for most of runners, the performance of Endorphin Pro is good enough. It doesn’t need to sacrifice the supporting performance and fitness for lightweight.
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Saucony Endorphin Pro Performance Review

The most popular running shoes are carbon fiber plate racing shoes. The Saucony brand is always my favorite racing shoes brand. It released its main product line–Endorphin series, which includes Pro series for racing, Speed series for training and Shift series for jogging.

Today we want to talk about the top-level racing shoes of Saucony –Endorphin Pro carbon fiber plate racing shoes. It released the brand-new Endorphin Pro 2 recently.

Endorphin Pro 2 has released two colorways, blue/white and black/white. It will release more colorways.

The shoebox is black and white grid flag pattern.

The grid flag of F1 game

The size is standard.

The right above view: The vamp is very thin. The vamp uses big area of grid flag pattern.

The outboard view: The diamond-shaped black and white lattice combination presents fast dynamic.

The heelpiece view

The view of inner side of shoes

The shoe head has crashproof design.

The outsole view: as a pair of racing shoes, the lightweight is the necessary requirement. So it uses simple outsole design.

Outsole design

The insole material is similar to BOOST (based on TPU material), combining with Saucony insole technology–PWRRUN PB technology (with built-in full-length shovel type carbon plate), and using the supercutical fluid foaming technology, it improves the durability of cushion. When running, it can offer more than 88% energy feedback. And its density is 40% lighter than EVA material.

The density of outsole material is big. The outsole rubber is only used on the important parts.

It still uses simple yellow outsole design on both sides. The groove of outsole has embossed SAUCONY logo.

The outsole design of forefoot sole is to improve the traction performance. So it’s V shaped pattern with two longitudinal lines. Other parts are hollow-out design. We can see the foaming material of insole.

The vamp is made of single layer fabric. The ventilated holes are re-designed.

The ventilated holes are special.

From this angle, the shoe heel is very thin.

It’s worthy to mention the design of shoelaces.

On the arch position, it adds a fixed antiskid belt. It has two crimson shoe buckles on both sides. With the flat type shoelaces, it improves the stability.

The Saucony logo on the side of running shoes uses hot film technology. The shoe-pad is still double-deck classic design. The fabric is anti-skid.


1. The appearance of Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is cool. It should be first pair of running shoes which uses the grid flag as main colorway. It’s very attractive.

  1. Excellent resilience. I can feel the resilience after wearing Endorphin Pro 2. I can get the enough feedback from the insole of Endorphin Pro 2. The feedback is obvious.
  2. The vamp is very thin. It’s light. The EUR42 Endorphin Pro 2 is only 213g.
  3. It’s very comfortable. Endorphin Pro 2 balances the fitness and air permeability well. It has good fitness and air permeability.
  4. The performance of Endorphin Pro 2 is great, but the price is a little too high.