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Unboxing & Closed Look: Puma Speed 600 2 Running Shoes

I just purchased a pair of Puma Speed 600 2 this weekend. Today let’s have a closed look at it.

The number of Puma running shoes 100 to 1000 means suspension scale coefficient. It can satisfy the running request of different runners on different scenarios.


The main colorway is black with yellow shoe heel.

The vamp is made of full knitted two layers of mesh fabric. It doesn’t have any suture lines, which improves the integrality of vamp. The vamp is covered with meshes which guarantee the air permeability.

The shoe tongue is traditional design, it’s filled with foam and it’s comfortable. Half of the shoe tongue is covered with reflective stripe.

The shoelaces uses the adjustable lacing design.Double lacing holes offer two kinds of lacing way for different instep. It improve the fitness. This kind of design is useful.

It has TPU stablizing plate on the shoeheel. It can protect the shoe heel. It also has reflective stripe on the shoe heel.

The insole cushion material is divided into two layers. The upper layer is Hybrid cushion material which is combined with Nrgy and Ignite cushion material. It has the advantages of Nrgy and Ignite and offers more excellent cushion performance and resilience. The bottom layer is Profoam with frame material. It is the updated version of Profoam which are always used on the Speed series running shoes. It’s light and has good stablility. Profoam and frame material each take up 50%.

The outsole uses Puma’s polymer rubber. It has good stiffness and abrasive resistance. It has different design on different part. The small dots pattern of forefoot sole increases the traction performance. The yellow part is durable rubber which improves the lifetime of outsole.

It’s embossed with Proplate on the mid-sole. Proplate is constituted with two TPU elastic plates which extending from mid-sole to forefoot sole. It can push you to run forward. Its function is similar to carbon plate.

Above is the unboxing and simple instruction of Puma Speed 600 2. I will wear it to run and share the performance review with you soon.