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NIKE ZOOM Freak 3 Performance Review

The NIKE Zoom Freak 3 has been released. As a pair of breakthrough basketball shoes, the guys pay close attention to the configuration.

Is the NIKE Zoom Freak 3 wear-resisting?
The outsole of NIKE Zoom Freak 3 uses XDR rubber. The abrasive resistance is good enough for playing on indoor court or outdoor plastic cement, but it needs to be careful if you want to play basketball on cement court.
When looking at the outsole pattern of NIKE Zoom Freak 3, I know that the traction performance of ZOOM FREAK 3 will be great. As you know, the traction performance of water ripple pattern is excellent.

If the outsole has obvious abrasion, the traction performance of water ripple pattern outsole is easy to descend than other kinds of outsole pattern. I only played 3 basketball games till now, so I can’t judge the abrasive resistance now. It needs time to test.

The protection is the biggest disadvantage of ZOOM FREAK 3. I can only mark 4 scores to the protection if the full mark is 10 scores. Although it has inner sleeve, but it only has a layer of thin plastic mesh fabric on the outside of inner sleeve. The inner sleeve is almost exposed. When moving, the shoes are easy to deform. The toes also can’t be protected well. If you are heavy and have good leg strength, the anti-rollover performance will be good, but I still felt unstable when moving.

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Nike Zoom Freak 3 Performance Review

I have worn Nike Zoom Freak 3 to play basketball games about 15 hours. Today I want to share the performance of Nike Zoom Freak 3 with you.

Personal info: 180cm/76kg

  1. Traction Performance:

The traction performance of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is excellent. The outsole of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is easy to absorb dust. After absorbing dust, the traction performance declines. If the traction performance without dust is 8.5 scores, after absorbing the dust, the traction performance will decline to 8 scores or 7.5 scores. The abrasive resistance is good. I haven’t found the abrasion on the sole after playing the basketball games about 15 hours. Some lines of the outsole is thin, so it needs to pay higher attention when playing basketball on outdoor court. If playing on outdoor court, the outsole is easy to be abrased.

  1. Cushion Performance

The cushion configuration of Nike Zoom Freak 3 uses two pieces of separated Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole and Phylon foam on the rear sole. The cushion performance of forefoot sole is good enough. The Zoom Air cushion is elastic. The feedback of rear sole is not good enough. The forefoot center of gravity is a little high, so the overall feedback and speed is not good. The outsole is separated type.

  1. Fitness:

The vamp of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is made of engineering mesh fabric. The fitness is not great, but the air permeability is good. The cross-strap design doesn’t have actual usage. I think it’s a decoration. The cross-strap of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is not the same as KD7. It looks like a decoration, but it doesn’t have good usage.

  1. Supporting Performance:

The ankle support is disqualified. Nike Zoom Freak 3 almost don’t have any support. The outboard heelpiece is foaming material and foamed plastic padding. They are soft material. It’d easy to deform when playing basketball. There is only a piece of small TPU plate which is hidden on the heelpiece. The ankle doesn’t have any support, so I’m worried about the safety. The supporting performance of ankle position is worse.

The lateral support is bad. The lateral plastic TPU plate is on an awkward position. It doesn’t have good usage. The center of gravity of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is a little high. So the strength of Nike Zoom Freak 3 vamp is not good enough. I’m unsatisfied at the supporting performance of Nike Zoom Freak 3.

  1. Stability:

The stability of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is worse. The center of gravity of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is a little high. Normally we hope that the center of gravity of basketball shoes is low, if it’s high, it will affect the anti-rollover performance.  The anti-torsion performance of Nike Zoom Freak 3 is worse. Although it’s said that Nike Zoom Freak 3 has the insole supporting plate, but I haven’t felt the exist of the supporting plate. The sole of Nike Zoom Freak 3 has many grooves, so the overall area in touch with the ground is reduced. The shoe heel doesn’t have widened design. So it’s unstable.

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The Configuration of NIKE ZOOM Freak 3

NIKE Zoom Freak 3 has been released. The price is cheap. Many guys hesitate to purchase Zoom Freak 3 and Kyrie 7. What about the performance of Zoom Freak 3? Let’s have a look at it today.

The design of Zoom Freak 3 is similar to Zoom Freak 2. But the appearance of Zoom Freak 3 is more complicated. It adds a piece of Verclo design on the forefoot. It uses reverse Swoosh logo as Freak 1 on the shoe collar.

From this angle of Verclo, it looks like Kyrie 7.

The shoe heel has pull-tab design which is convenient to put on. The pull-tab design looks good.

The shoe-tongue has Antetokounmpo’s personal logo.

The upturning design of insole is a characteristic of Zoom Freak series shoes. Giannis Antetokounmpo require good stability of the basketball shoes.

The wave ripple pattern outsole has great traction performance, it already have good feedback in the market.

Zoom Freak 3 VS Kyrie 7:

The overall performance of Kyrie 7 is great. Although it doesn’t have anti-torsion plate, but the strength of the shoes can offer good supporting performance to you when exercising. So I think that it can’t judge the anti-torsion performance of a pair of basketball shoes by with or without anti-torsion plate. Although it doesn’t have new conception, but the performance of Zoom Turbo cushion is good. Kyrie 7 is suitable for lightweight defenders.

Certainly, the upgraded ZOOM Freak 3 is great. The Zoom Freak series basketball shoes are always the same. But the design and configuration have been improved.

You can choose the shoes by your request.

What about the configuration of ZOOM Freak 3?

The rear sole of ZOOM Freak 3 has double-deck Zoom Air cushion, and the forefoot sole has fan shaped Zoom Air cushion on the previous ZOOM Freak series shoes. ZOOM Freak 3 has two Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole. The configuration of ZOOM Freak series shoes have been improved. The position of ZOOM Freak 3 air cushion is similar to Air Zoom BB NXT . It can offer faster feedback.