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Nike Zoom Freak 2 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Nike Zoom Freak 2 which is popular in 2020.

The forefoot sole of Nike Zoom Freak 2 uses ZOOM Air Cushion and TPU stabilizing plate in the part of arch.

But it doesn’t have the air cushion design on the rear sole.

It doesn’t use the double ZOOM Air cushion as previous series.

For the insole configuration, Nike Zoom Freak 2 is totally different with Nike Zoom Freak 1.

It keeps the inverse Swoosh logo design.

The colorway of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is named as Naija.

The big Swoosh logo on the side of Nike Zoom Freak 2.

The insole is white, and the outsole is black.

The vamp covers with green decorative design, like the botany leaves. The design inspiration of this colorway comes from the uniform colorway of Nigeria football team.

The appearance and insole configuration of Nike Zoom Freak 2 close to PG1. The design of Nike Zoom Freak 2 and PG1 have many similar parts.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 doesn’t have the inner sleeve design. The shoe tongue is separate.  It’s suitable for different height of instep.

It’s a pity that it doesn’t have inner sleeve design.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 uses knitted vamp. It doesn’t have reinforcement on the forefoot vamp. Only the big Swoosh logo is the reinforcement of vamp.

The black pull-tab on the shoe heel extends to the big Swoosh logo, and it also has padding on the lining of shoe heel. It improves the comfort level.

The Nike Zoom Freak 2 uses 2 pieces of outsole. The forefoot sole is water wave pattern, and the rear sole is special design signature and chirography pattern.

The rear outsole has the name of Giannis’s father Charles, his mother Veronica, his brothers Francis,Thanasis, Alexis and Kostas, and his name Giannis.

Cushion Performance: 80 scores

Nike Zoom Freak 2 uses fanshaped ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole, so the cushion performance of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is similar to PG1.

But the difference is, the tenacity of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is more elastic than PG1.

Comparing with other series basketball shoes, with the thick foam, the rear sole of Nike Zoom Freak 2 has some cushion performance. It’s unexpected.

Fitness: 78 scores

The Nike Zoom Freak 2 doesn’t have inner sleeve design. The knitted vamp has some protection to the foot. Comparing with Nike Zoom Freak 1, the knitted vamp of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is thicker, so the fitness if better.

But the shoe tongue is not thick, and it doesn’t have the inner sleeve, the fitness of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is not good comparing with other signature basketball shoes.

Anti-torsion performance: 80 scores

The TPU design on arch with the black part design bring the excellent anti-torsion performance.

Traction Performance: 85 scores

The traction performance of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is great. The forefoot sole is water wave pattern and the rear sole is intensive pattern. It can grip the ground well.

Weight: 78 scores

Although Nike Zoom Freak 2 is a pair of low type basketball shoes. But its weight is a little heavy comparing with other low type basketball shoes.

But the center of gravity is good. It’s not too heavy.

Overall, the anti-torsion performance and traction performance of Nike Zoom Freak 2 is excellent. The insole configuration is also upgraded. The size is a little bigger than normal size, we suggest you to have a try on physical store before purchasing it on line.

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Close look and opening: Nike Zoom Freak 2

MVP’s Freak 2 has received a lot of attention since its release. And for Giannis Antetokounmpo, the most valuable player in the league, the journey has not been very easy. You may be wondering what is the tie between Freak 2 and Giannis Antetokounmpo. And the answer is that the Freak 2 embraces Giannis Antetokounmpo’s story along the way and every detail of the shoe is worth your appreciation.

Nike Zoom Freak 2 is installed with full-foot Nike Phylon foam and Nike Air Zoom, both of which provide players with stable and effective protection and faster feedback. Nike Phylon foam offers a comfortable cushioning effect, while the Air Zoom provides players with forward propulsion during a match. But this one does not inherit the two Air Zoom cushion that is places at the back of the last signature shoe.

In the middle of the shoe a stability piece is embedded that provides stable support and balance in the process of changing direction and landing. The TPU outside the shoe and  the widened fore part of the outsole ensures a good anti-rolled-over performance. On top of that, the huge Nike Swoosh on the outside not only indicates Atetokoungawa’s characteristics; it also guarantees the vamp support.

The most compelling part of the shoes, for me, is that every detail of the shoe is infused with the designer’s ingenuity, making the Zoom Freak 2 not just a shoe, but also an expression of emotion. You can figure out that in the middle of the soles are the names of Antetokka’s father, Charles, and his mother, Veronica, which is to express his missing for his father who had passed away because of illness.

What’s more, the names of his two elder brothers, “Francis” and “Thanasis”, and two younger ones,  “Alexis”, and “Kostas”, along with his name “Giannis” are blended into the back of the outsole, demonstrating Antetokka’s close bond with his parents and four brothers. As a senior fan of Antetokka, I got moved deeply for such emotion.

This Nike Zoom Freak 2 goes on sale on July 25 for $130 and there are altogether 4 colorways available. And honestly, I was stunned at these nice colorways and I think they are much nicer than the first edition. They are more than suitable for daily outing and actual “combat”. For me, one pair of this Nike Zoom Freak 2 will suffice.


The upper design of Zoom Freak 1 reflects the bond between the Giannis brothers, which Nike also used as an inspiration in this design. In Giannis ‘s family, every individual has his/her own uniqueness. And we can see from the upper of Zoom Freak 2  that there are a lot of different materials, and the combination of these is like the family members supporting each other, which resulted in this excellent sneaker. And I am sure that this Zoom Freak 2 will be an excellent as well as reliable comrade for you.