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Mizuno WAVE ZEST Performance Review

Mizuno is a sports brand founded in 1906 in Japan and has a history of more than one hundred years. Also, it has now become the world’s leading  manufacturers in clothing, shoes and sports equipment. Particularly, its professional status in the field of running shoes is well-known. Over the years,  Mizuno has spared no effort in doing its best and serving its customers so that it can have the achievements we see today. The WAVE ZEST I am going to talk about today is a continuation of mizuno’s WAVE technology and it also combines the ancient style with modern tech, which is very inviting for many runners.

When I got the shoe, I got quite a start because the blue shoe box was really nice. And as soon as I opened the box, I got startled once again. To tell the truth, I have seen a lot of splash-ink paintings, but never has I seen any shoes with splash-ink vamps. So this Mizuno WAVE ZEST is unique and is special for me. The colorway of this one is black and white. With the silver logo at the side, the shoe, as a whole, is very striking.

The fore part of the vamp is loose and is very friendly to wide footers. Like Asics shoes, this one suits most of us. The mesh vamp adopts the AIRmesh tech, which is widely seen in our life and whose breathability performance is similar to that of the average shoes.

And then it comes to the tongue. There is nothing special in it. Printed on it are some basic information of the shoe. And for the insole, it is pure white with a black logo on it and made of a foam and two layers of suppressed mesh cloth. For many runners, the insole is something of a shoe that really counts because it is the insole that directly touches their feet. Besides, the softness of the insole have a great bearing on the foot feeling, so it’s on wonder that many people, especially long-distance runners, have high requirement of the insole. However, it is highly suggested that the insole be ungraded for I can not see any advantage or feature of it. In that case, there isn’t any difference between the insole and the others.

The outsole is one of the most impressive part for me. Its appearance is very nice and above all, tt performs not bad. The X10 wear-resistant outsole contains abundant carbon element, greatly increasing the durability. This has been embodied in my experience: the shoe has been my companion for some time and even after intense exercises, the sole remained intact.

The shoes weigh 550 grams. Studies have found that every 100 g of  weight reduce of shoes will reduce the wearer’s metabolic rate by 1.11%.  So thanks to new material of Mizuno WAVE ZEST, the shoe is light and enough and the cushioning is far better. 

In the first several days of getting the shoes, I would wear the shoes wherever I went. It was a bit hard under the feet, but after a few days’ getting along with it, I became more familiar with it.

You can elicit a conclusion that the shoe looks very nice from every perspective and it can also match with various dressings.

It is worth mentioning that the tongue of this shoe is very comfortable and soft. It is a bit longer than average ones, which can be a wrapping-enhancer after fastening the shoelaces.

By some  testing, I found that the shoe has excellent cushioning and gripping, which may be resulted from the support of mizuno tech. However, the shoe is never a good choice if you want to run in mountains or rugged grounds.


After checking the performances of this shoe, I think you must have had a choice in your brain. It is  undisputed that every shoe has its cons and pros and so does this Mizuno WAVE ZEST. As a pair of running shoes, it is more than suitable for jogging and it is to most people’s satisfaction. Anyway, however good the shoe is, the decision is live to you.