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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Performance Review

Many guys like Why Not Zer0.3. I also love the Why Not Zer0 series basketball shoes. Although Why Not Zer0.2 is not perfect, but it’s still a pair of excellent basketball shoes.

Why Not Zer0.3 still keeps the similar design and appearance as last series.


  1. Excellent ZOOM Turbo cushion performance

The forefoot sole of Why Not Zer0.3 uses the same ZOOM Turbo cushion as Kyrie 6. I love the cushion performance of Kyrie 6. The feedback is obvious.  The foam on shoe heel also has some cushion performance. Although it hasn’t used full-length cushion performance, but it’s already excellent. It should be able to satisfy the request of most of people.

Why Not Zer0.3 has adjusted the center of gravity.

▼Zoom Turbo cushion performance is excellent

  1. Traction Performance

The outsole of Why Not Zer0.3 is interesting. The pattern is intensive, it’s similar to lightning. The outsole of this colorway is XDR rubber. So the traction performance and abrasive resistance is great.

I haven’t slipped when playing basketball on indoor court. The traction performance is great. But it’s easy to absorb dust. After getting dust, the traction performance will decline.

▼The outsole pattern

I have tested about 8-10 hours, the outsole doesn’t have the obvious abrasion. The abrasive resistance is good. The shoe tag is also on the outsole like Why Not Zer0.2. It’s cool.
▼Good abrasive resistance

▼The shoe tag is on the outsole

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The main material of Why Not Zer0.3 vamp is mesh fabric. It has different reinforcement on different parts of vamp. It seems that partial shoelace holes are dynamic shoelaces. The fitness is good. The shoes can fit the foot very well. The part around upper is double-deck design. It’s comfortable and can fix the heel very well.

▼The main vamp material of Why Not Zer0.3 vamp is mesh fabric

▼The part around upper is double-deck design

▼Thickened upper

The same as Kyrie 6, Why Not Zer0.3 also uses buckle fastener design, but the area is smaller. Some guys who have high instep don’t fit Kyrie 6, but Why Not Zer0.3 will be a good choice. If you have high instep, you can choose not fasten the shoelaces.

▼The smaller buckle fastener

It has artificial lather to reinforce the toes. And it also has the same design around heel and outside of vamp. It’s not thick, but the overall weight, thickness and protection is good.

It has upturning design of insole. So the foot can be surrounded under the insole. The stability is good.

▼It has the reinforced design above the toes

▼The outsole is wide and stable

▼It has upturning design on the outsole

I’m surprised it seems that Why Not Zer0.3 doesn’t have TPU on the shoe heel. Or is the TPU too thin? I haven’t found it by hands. But it has the anti-torsion TPU plate on the sole. Although it may don’t have TPU on the shoe heel, but the overall strength is good.


The buckle fastener is easy to move. As the buckle fastener is slant, and it’s narrow, so it’s easy to shift when playing basketball. It’s a small disadvantage.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9.3 stars

Shoe Tree: a little narrow

Size: normal size
I’m satisfied at the overall performance of Why Not Zer0.3. The appearance is still Westbrook’s style. Why Not Zer0.3 has improved a lot comparing with Why Not Zer0.2. Some guys are worried about the center of gravity. But the center of gravity is ok for me, it’s stable.

Recently, Why Not Zer0.3 and Kyrie 6 are popular in the market. Many guys are entangled in choosing which one. I love both of them. The price is not very high as it’s special period now. I recommend you to purchase both of them if you can afford.