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Jordan Jumpman 2020 Performance Review

Today I am gonna talk about the Jumpman 2020. Fairly speaking, this Jumpman 2020 is one of the most cost-effective one among my many shoes. A bit similar to Air Jordan XXXIV in the appearance though, Jumpman 2020 is different from Air Jordan XXXIV in that the former is made for stability whereas the latter is made for breakthrough.

There doesn’t seem to have many highlights of the shoes. Jumpman 2020, in fact, is not that impressive at the first sight. However, it is the “modest” style that Jumpman 2020 wants to maintain. Without any outstanding tech and impressiveness, this is what Jumpman 2020 is. But with its simple appearance, with a big Zoom Air in the fore part, it will be a highly practical basketball shoe and you are sure to have its performance in your brain.

In a new era like this, it is absolutely not surprising that almost any brand has its masterpiece and I am sure every brand can make an excellent shoe out of the previous moderate ones as long as it puts efforts into it. But the fact is you can hardly find a more cost-effective one than Jumpman 2020 which not only has a reasonable price but also a nice performance.

The designer of Jumpman 2020 did not purposely reduce its weight when choosing the materials. He simply used the net vamp with artificial leather which is quite enough to deal with most of the situations met with by players. However, there is a problem: the support of the vamp is not enough, for which the vamp is to blame  .

The fishbone pattern adopted by the shoe is simple and above all,  practical. Whatever kind of courts, indoors or outdoors, the sole can handle it easily. More importantly, for those liking a long-term wearing experience, it is good news because the sole has not been abraded even after many hours of fierce combat and running.

Some may consider the shoe as a very moderate one after knowing those details I’ve mentioned so far. Well, it is true that this Jordan Jumpman 2020 is no match for those superb ones and there isn’t seem any quite impressive feature, if anything, that must be the cushioning. This is quite a commendable part of Jumpman 2020. The Phylon in midsole plus the addition of the Zoom in fore part seem ordinary though, the combination of the two is  nice, offering a kind of feedback most people are familiar with. In short, my experience was nice for the Jumpman 2020 midsole wears more comfortable over time, as if it were tailored to me.

IN spite of the insufficient support of the upper, the wrapping is still enough. With the addition of the laces, the shoes still wrap well. As for the size, you can go to have a try; after all, the market supply should be sufficient for a cost-effective shoe.

The overall performance, though not match for other shoes in terms of setups, was quite satisfactory, not to mention the fairly reasonable price which makes the shoe all the more compelling.