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Deconstructed fragment x CLOT x Nike Air Force 1

Today, we will deconstructed the fragment x CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 「Black Silk」. The silk surface can be teared. The flash logo and CLOT logo are in the shoe-pad.

Deconstructed Parts

The tools for deconstructing

We cut the silk surface by scissor.

After tearing the silk surface, we can see the leather with red pattern. It’s Chinese style. It looks great.

The rear upper and shoe tongue is soft cow leather, it’s soft and comfortable.

From the cross section, we can see the red leather and thin lint interlining. And it has counter on the shoe heel. The comfort level and supporting performance is good.

We can see 1cm sponge mat in the shoe tongue.

The front side of shoe-pad

The reverse side of shoe-pad

The forefoot sole of shoe-pad

The rear sole of shoe-pad

The shoe-pad design is special. It has flash logo on shoe-pad. It has a thin cushion layer on the reverse side of shoe-pad.

The cushion layer of insole

The transparent SOLE air cushion

After taking off the white cushion layer, we can see the exposed transparent SOLE air cushion. The red stitching is intensive and tidy.

We can see the outer layer of outsole is rubber. It’s thick. The abrasive resistance is good.

The insole uses 3/4 Sole air cushion. It’s the necessary technology of Air Force 1. The hollow-out design reduces the weight.

The Waxing Shoelaces

The shoelaces design is also special. It has red metal shoelaces head. The shoelaces are waxing.