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BROOKS CASCADIA 16 Performance Review

CASCADIA is BROOKS’ famous cross-country running shoes. BROOKS started to cooperate with Scott Jurek from 2005. BROOKS’s great exercising technology cooperating with professional runners’ experience open the history of CASCADIA cross-country running shoes. The Brooks CASCADIA 16 has been released. It uses the brand-new insole technology and outsole structure.

DNA LOFT V2 is lighter and softer:
The biggest change of CASCADIA 16 is the insole technology. The previous CASCADIA series shoes use BioMoGo DNA dynamic cushion technology insole as core. And CASCADIA16 change to DNA LOFT V2 technology insole which is softer and lighter. Comparing with CASCADIA 15, CASCADIA 16 is 5% softer and 20% lighter. The characteristics of CASCADIA 16:
1.The shoe tongue connected with the left and right shoe holes to avoid the sandstone to go inside.
2.The bottom of vamp has TPU to prevent the mud.
3.It has the installation to store the shoelaces.
4.DNA LOFT V2 technology insole
5.TrailTrack rubber outsole
6.The drop height of forefoot sole and rear sole is about 8mm.
7.The width of men’s shoe tree is 2E, and women’s shoe tree is 1D.
8.The unit weight of men’s size US9 is about 298g, and women’s size US6.5 is about 255g.

CASCADIA 16 GTX reinforcement with GORE-TEX waterproof technology:
The same as other Brooks running shoes, CASCADIA 16 also released the GORE-TEX waterproof technology version. If you also run on raining day, you can choose the GTX version. The appearance of CASCADIA 16 and CASCADIA 16 GTX is almost the same. When purchasing, you can see if the front end of the shoelaces ring has GRO-TEX tag.

The CASCADIA 16 GTX uses GORE TEX®Invisible Fit technology. It put the waterproof and windproof ventilated thin film in the shoes, which can isolate the water outside.
Characteristics of CASCADIA 16 GTX:
1.GTX version has waterproof effect.
2.The shoe tongue design can prevent the sands going inside the shoes.
3.It has TPU retaining wall under the vamp.
4.It has the installation for collecting the shoelaces.
5.The insole uses DNA LOFT v2 technology.
6.It uses TrailTack guiding rubber outsole.
7.The drop height is about 8mm.
8.The unit weight of men’s size US9 is about 326g, and the unit weight of women’s size US6.5 is about 289g.