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ASICS NovaBlast 2 Performance Review

For a long time, ASICS focused on the practicality of running shoes, it seemed too conservative. But in the past two years, ASICS is keeping on enriching its running shoes, and it releases many running shoes with significant changes in technological materials and design concepts.

For example, the NovaBlast series running shoes were released on 2020, it’s hot-welcomed after releasing. And the brand-new NovaBlast 2 has made some improvements based on NovaBlast, including the vamp, insole and outsole. It improves the stability and comfort level.

It infused some new elements on the design of NovaBlast 2. It’s not only suitable for running, but also suitable for daily dressing.

The vamp of NovaBlast 2 is upgraded to be double-deck jacquard weave mesh fabric which improves the air permeability and fitness. It’s more comfortable. And the shoe heel has built-in TPU stabilizing plate which fix the heel well. It improves the stability obviously.

The insole material is the soul of running shoes. ASICS NovaBlast 2 uses FlyteFoam material on the insole. The FlyteFoam material is mixed by the organic fibre, which can offer limited deformation under overload. It means that it has both suspension and stability.

After developing the FlyteFoam insole composite material for several years, the lightweight and resilience of FlyteFoam Blast material is more excellent. ASICS NovaBlast 2 uses more FlyteFoam Blast material.

ASICS NovaBlast 2 optimized the insole shape. It uses dissymmetry design. It widened the insole and adjust the drop height to be 8mm. It’s more suitable for the request of runners.

The outsole of ASICS NovaBlast 2 uses invaginated groove design. By combining with FlyteFoam Blast insole, it can offer better comfort and flexibility. NovaBlast 2 uses more AHAR abrasion resistant rubber on the areas where are easy to wear and tear. It prolongs the working life of running shoes.

After wearing the NovaBlast 2, the first feeling is the light weight. NovaBlast 2 uses thick insole, but the unit weight of EUR44 is only about 289g. It’s very light.

When running, the fitness of vamp is comfortable. The stabilizing plate on the shoe heel improves the overall stability obviously. Based on the usage of FlyteFoam Blast material, the lightweight and resilience of NovaBlast 2 are excellent. Even the long-distance running, the resilient feedback is still fast and strong.

I’m not worried about the abrasive resistance of NovaBlast 2 outsole.  The AHAR abrasion resistance rubber are extensive used. The working life of ASICS running shoes are prolonged. After running about 100km, the outsole doesn’t have obvious abrasion.

Overall, the fitness, comfort level, supporting performance, cushion performance and abrasive resistance of NovaBlast 2 are excellent. The appearance design is different with previous running shoes. It looks nice. It’s not only suitable for running training, but also suitable for daily dressing.