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AIR JORDAN DMP PACK Performance Review

I’ve finally come across a pair of shoes that impressed me at the first sight and it was at the first sight that I was given to it. The shoes are the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK. There is something in the shoes. The “DMP” in AIR JORDAN DMP PACK means Defining Moments Pack. The shoe is comprised of platinum AIR JORDAN XIII and black gold AIR JORDAN XIV and is made in homage to Michael Jordan’s winning in the 1998 NBA finals where he wore the Air Jordan XIII and Air Jordan XIV.

The fact is that on one would have thought that the 6th match consolidated his status in the basketball field in addition to representing the end of an era.

The AIR JORDAN XIII is mainly decent white in its appearance and decorated by a gorgeous gold. Besides that, the leather of the shoes is something that I must talk about.

The classic laser panther eye of Air Jordan XIII in Air Jordan DMP Pack is a far cry from the previous edition, which indicates Michael Jordan’s breathtaking image of “THE SHOT” and “98” in game 6 of 1998. So, because of this design alone, I think many fans will take a fancy to this pair of shoes.

The tongues of  Air Jordan XIII are respectively printed with “THEY CAN’T WIN” and “UNTIL WE QUIT”. I wanna say that the shoes are fantastic and they are “going rampant” on streets someday.

The other shoe of the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK is the black gold AIR JORDAN XIV, which echoes the platinum AIR JORDAN XIII. Somehow, I found that, from my own perspective, the sheer black leather in the upper is as impressive as the shiny gold at the collar and mid-sole support. And somewhat the shoes are unique and superb.

For my money, AIR JORDAN XIII  and AIR JORDAN XIV of Air Jordan DMP Pack are already inviting. However, the fact is that the shoe box is as well compelling and striking. Just a glimpse of it will make you fascinated and wonder what is more fascinating inside it. With the eye-catching black and the gold letters in the front of the shoe box being the first bewitching point, most fans just can not resist its temptation. 

And of course, the “1998” and JUMPMAN LOGO must not be absent in the shoe box. They are on behalf of those impressing events before.

Not with the exception of the shoe box, the lining paper inside also has printings the same as that on the box.

You can as well surprisingly find that there are prints of Michael Jordan’s game data, which is quite rare.


In summary, this pair of shoes are not an average one. There are some stories behind AIR JORDAN DMP PACK and somehow you may be given to it just like me. In the hope that you may love the shoe and find it helpful, I think  it more important that it suits you rather than blindly following the trend.