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Adidas ULTRABOOST 2020

Since 2019, Adidas started to cooperate with NASA to bring the BOOST insole technology to develop in ISS international space station. After one year, they cooperated again, with the Artemis moos mission, they will explore the limits of the human body in space.

To salute this cooperation, Adidas released ULTRABOOST 20 ‘Artemis’ running shoes.

Artemis Colorway

The main colorway of vamp is silver, including the PK material, BOOST insole and lateral supporting plate of vamp. It offers stability and good comfort level to the runners. The side shoe tongue has the arrow mark of Artemis plan. The right shoe tongue is the Moon Goddess of Greek mythology.

The silver TPY design fix the shoe heel.

Special Boost

We can see the orange mark BOOST technology tested in ISS MICRO GRACITY LAB on the insole. The BOOST technology has been authorized by the ISS LAB test. Most of the runners should be inquisitive for the difference of Boost from space and the traditional Boost technology.

Continental Outsole

It still uses the classic Continental rubber outsole, which brings the excellent durability and traction performance.

With the deep collaboration with NASA, Adidas will bring more surprise to the runners. We look forward to it.