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The Performance Review of Adidas 4DFWD

Adidas and Carbon developed the 4D insole technology together in 2017. The black technology is created by 3D printing technology. With the geometric construction, 4D insole is attractive. Adidas keeps developing the new insole technology in recent 10 years.

Based on nearly 20 years of athletes’ scientific data, Adidas and Carbon use precise digital light synthesis technology to select the most perfect geometric design from five million grid structures to achieve the latest 4DFWD grid structure.

Adidas make 10 couples limited special shoebox. The Adidas 4DFWD special shoebox that we talked about today can represent the sense of science and technology. The fluorescent light shoebox is printed with 4D.

The brand-new 4DFWD uses 3D line printing technology to merge together with data. Comparing with 4D, 4DFWD has improved more than 300% propulsive force and increased 23% cushion performance. In additionally, the 4DFWD arrange the structure by more excellent way and reduce the wastage of extra material. With the light and ventilated PRIMEKNIT vamp, the weight is also reduced about 11.8%.

Adidas 4DFWD has below characteristics:

  1. 4DFWDinsole technology: the brand-new upgraded grid structure can transfer the vertical pressure to propulsive force. Comparing with 4D, 4DFWD has improved more than 300% propulsive force and increased 23% cushion performance. And the weight is also reduced about 11.8%. It offers lightweight,  excellent resilient feedback and propulsion force.
  2. Vamp: it uses PRIMEKNIT and knit vamp which can fit the feet perfectly. It’s light and ventilated. The socks type design and S type seamless shoe heel offer excellent support and comfort level.
  3. Stretchweb outsole: It uses special cutting diamond pattern durable rubber outsole. The excellent traction performance and abrasive resistance cooperate with the 4DFWD insole well. The V shape cutting design on forefoot sole and rear sole offers multi-directional flexibility and stability to the feet.
  4. Colorway: The main colorway is black, the outsole and shoe heel are fluorescent green. It’s attractive. The adidas logo on the side vamp is dazzling, which is futuristic. The main colorway of women model is pink.