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PUMA DOUBLE DISC Performance Review

We have shared the PUMA DISC REBIRTH with DISC system basketball shoes  several days ago. Actually, PUMA released 3 models DISC basketball shoes on the Summer of 2021. Today, let’s talk about PUMA DOUBLE DISC basketball shoes.


The black shoebox is printed with PUMA logo.

The side shoe tongue on the shoebox

Big area of vamp is made of soft mesh fabric material. The perforative fabric strip has the steady function.

Both inside and outside of forefoot sole are used anti-fur material to reinforce. It improves the lateral stability.

As it’s called Double Disc, it must have double couples of DISC system.

The DISC system above the instep is similar to previous DISC system. It put the disc on a big TPU frame. The cables cooperate with the shoelace holes to fix the instep. The usage is the same as shoelaces. But it’s more convenient.

The DISC system on the shoe heel has 3 pull-tabs design.

After loosening the rotary knobs and pulling the DISC system to back, it will loosen the whole cables.

By punching the vamp, the cables are hidden inside the shoes, it can reduce unnecessary abrasion.

The cables connect with the strings on both side of forefoot sole. It can adjust the fitness of forefoot by fraping the cables.

But there is a small defect for the design. The cables can touch the anti-fur on both sides of the shoe heel, it will cause the wearout of the anti-fur after a period.

It uses full-length PROFOAM cushion material. The outboard oval rubber paster has the effect of lateral supporting performance to improve the stability of insole.

The outsole is split type wear-resisting rubber. It can reduce the weight.

The forefoot axis of rotation is convenient for movement. The pattern is deep. The traction performance is reliable.

The pattern of rear sole is widened. It’s to improve the stability.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. It has PUMA logo on the rear sole.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 276mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 94.78mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.56mm.

The insole fabric is EVA material which can improve the friction force and reduce the slipping.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 496.1g.


The appearance of PUMA DOUBLE DISC basketball shoes is fashion. The two couples of DISC systems are very attractive.

The size is about one size bigger than standard size. The forefoot sole is a little wide, but it’s acceptable. The integrated type shoe collar is narrow, so it’s hard to put on and take off. The shoe tongue and pull-tab of shoe heel can help you to put on. The disc system is easy to use. The fitness is good. It won’t be easy to loosen. The center of gravity is low. It uses full-length PROFOAM insole. The cushion performance is good.