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NIKE ZOOM Freak 3 Performance Review

The NIKE Zoom Freak 3 has been released. As a pair of breakthrough basketball shoes, the guys pay close attention to the configuration.

Is the NIKE Zoom Freak 3 wear-resisting?
The outsole of NIKE Zoom Freak 3 uses XDR rubber. The abrasive resistance is good enough for playing on indoor court or outdoor plastic cement, but it needs to be careful if you want to play basketball on cement court.
When looking at the outsole pattern of NIKE Zoom Freak 3, I know that the traction performance of ZOOM FREAK 3 will be great. As you know, the traction performance of water ripple pattern is excellent.

If the outsole has obvious abrasion, the traction performance of water ripple pattern outsole is easy to descend than other kinds of outsole pattern. I only played 3 basketball games till now, so I can’t judge the abrasive resistance now. It needs time to test.

The protection is the biggest disadvantage of ZOOM FREAK 3. I can only mark 4 scores to the protection if the full mark is 10 scores. Although it has inner sleeve, but it only has a layer of thin plastic mesh fabric on the outside of inner sleeve. The inner sleeve is almost exposed. When moving, the shoes are easy to deform. The toes also can’t be protected well. If you are heavy and have good leg strength, the anti-rollover performance will be good, but I still felt unstable when moving.