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Nike Kyrie 5 VS Kyrie 6 Performance Review

If you are a fan of Nike Kyrie, you must be very familiar with the Kyrie 5 and even if you are not, you also might have learnt the popularity of Kyrie 5 because it had aroused  heated debates in  the society before it was launched. So when Kyrie 6 was released, people all had high expectation of it. Then how about its actual performance?

The heel, the velcro strap, the front part, the tongue and the upper are respectively made of 5 different materials, all of them much more solid than that of PG3 I wear oftenest. Besides, the texture of the shoe feels rather nice especially the heel part. What’s more, for my money, it is the plastic reinforcement of the fore part that attracts me most, bringing less pressure to my feet.

As regards the wrapping of Kyrie 6, it is excellent. Those having been used to the wrapping of Kyrie 5, certainly, will perfectly adapted to Kyrie 6’s wrapping. A highlight of the shoe is the asymmetric shoelaces which is designed to enhance wrapping.

For the cushioning, Air Zoom Turbo performs no worse than that of the Kyrie 5. Since I chanced to have both Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6, I think I have a say in this respect. Based on the ground of my experience, the cushions of the two pair of shoes are fantastic and they are advantages of the shoes.

Kyrie 6 starts up very quickly, which is more than suitable for some players seeking speed. However, you had better choose a suitable size with some efforts because the size of Kyrie 6 tends to be a bit smaller than really is. And if you by mistake have bought a unsuitable size, you’ll feel the fore part somewhat spacious. So here I highly recommend you go and try the shoe on store.

It is widely said that Kyrie 6 continues to maintain the nice anti-rollover performance of previous versions. For this part, I haven’t come across any related problem but you can as well expect something of it. Some users comment that the shoe is very stable and the tusklike anti-rollover design is evidence. So whether on court or out of court, we can see that Nike has always been sparing no efforts in improving Kyrie series.

It is normal that many people will concern about the durability of the shoe and the outsole. After all, it is the sneaker that will accompany us on the “fierce” courts. So when it comes to the durability, I always attach great importance to it. The outsole is made of XDR and after 6 hours’ playing, it showed no scratches or wear. This is a reliable partner you can fall your back on.

To sum up, Kyrie 6 is a far cry from the previous editions. It has been upgraded greatly. The appearance is nice and there are some other colorways for you to pick up. Over time many people will ask me a question, “Is there any model that attracts you most?” My answer must be Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6 because it is they that are the most reliable and helpful companions fore me.