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Nike KD 13 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of NIKE KD 13

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor court
Suited Players: both of light weight and heavy weight players
Suited foot type: all kinds of foot type, if you have high instep, we suggest to choose half size bigger.
Advantages: light, durability, air permeability, comfortable, high cost performance

We have played basketball with KD13 more than 10 hours, today we want to share our performance review of KD13 with you.
I think that the shoe tree of KD13 is the most perfect one comparing with other KD signature shoes.

I used to wear KD4 and KD9, the shoe tree is too narrow for me. So it’s hard for me to accept the shoe tree of KD series shoes.

But I feel comfortable when wearing KD 13.

When moving, my toes are pressed. So it’s better for me to choose half size bigger.

The vamp of KD13 is more concise than KD12. It doesn’t have double layers vamp and four directional Flywire. The vamp material looks cheap. But the fitness is good when moving. The unilaminar vamp has good air permeability.

The irregular outsole pattern has excellent traction performance. I haven’t slipped when playing basketball.

Comparing with KD12, the durability of KD13 outsole is better. We haven’t found any abrasion on the outsole after one week. It’s a big improvement. Although I haven’t tired on outdoor cement court, but it should be no problem to play basketball on outdoor court.

My most expected part of KD13 is insole.
Many guys doubt if the cushion performance of double air cushions on forefoot sole is good or not.

The cushion performance of double air cushions on forefoot sole is excellent. As it doesn’t have insole fabric, so the feedback is more obvious.

KD13 is suitable for light weight and heavy weight players.

Although it uses double air cushions on the forefoot sole, but it balances the center of gravity well.

The shoe-pad of KD13 is thick and stiff. To feel the ZOOM cushion performance more directly, it cancels the design of insole fabric as KD12. The cushion performance of KD12 insole is unexpected excellent. But the problem is that the insole is too soft. The starting speed is dilatory.

With the stiff shoe-pad, the feedback of KD13 insole is fast. Even if it has double air cushions on the forefoot sole, but the starting speed is still fast.

Comparing with KD12, the insole of KD13 is added with a piece of anti-torsion plate, which improves the stiffness. The anti-torsion performance is excellent, and it also improves the protecting performance.

After cancelling the hexagon ZOOM air cushion of rear sole, the cushion performance of rear sole hasn’t been reduced obviously. The stiff Phylon insole, thick shoe-pad and full-length ZOOM Air cushion keeps the excellent cushion performance.

But KD13 also has a disadvantage, that is, the anti-rollover performance.
The extension of forefoot sole is not obvious. Although it has a plastic plate, but the overall anti-rollover performance is bad.

If you have high request to the anti-rollover performance, we don’t suggest you to purchase KD13.
Overall Comment:
Fitness: 9 scores
Supporting performance of vamp: 9 scores
Feedback of forefoot sole: 10 scores
Cushion performance of rear sole: 9 scores
Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores
Anti-rollover performance: 6 scores
Traction Performance: 9 scores
Protection: 8.5 scores
Supporting Performance: 9.5 scores
Stability: 9 scores
Overall: 89 scores

Till now, I think that the overall performance of KD13 will be the TOP 5 or TOP 3 shoes of 2020.

The appearance is not bad. And it has excellent cushion performance, traction performance and durability. It’s a pair of basketball shoes which is suitable for all positions. Maybe anti-rollover performance will be a hidden danger, but it’s a pair of signature shoes, the design is for satisfying the request of Kevin Durant. The recent KD series shoes don’t have good design for improving the anti-rollover performance.