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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

As the first pair of Zion Williamson, Jordan Zion 1 get highly attention after being exposed. We want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of , Jordan Zion 1 with you today.


  1. It uses full-length Air Strobel and forefoot Zoom air cushion.

Although the location of Air Strobel on NIKE and Jordan brand is mid-low end, it’s soft, but not very resilient. It’s too soft, so I can’t exert the force well. It will effect the starting speed. But the forefoot Zoom air cushion solve this problem. If you use forefoot to exert the force, it will improve the sluggish feeling, but it will also need to drain a lot of fatigue. Overall, the configuration is special, the experience is good.

  1. Good traction performance

The outsole of Jordan Zion 1 is ice blue crystal outsole, and it has partial rubber. It has excellent traction performance most of times. You don’t need to worry about the traction performance on clean indoor court. But as you know, the traction performance of crystal outsole will decline after absorbing the dust.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The forefoot vamp of Jordan Zion 1 is made of thin reticulated. The rear part uses hot-melting material. It fits the foot very well.

The middle part of vamp is very tight. The front two shoelaces couples should be dynamic shoelaces. The width of shoe head is moderate. Unless your foot is wide or high instep, Jordan Zion 1 should be able to fit you.


The location of Jordan Zion 1 is wired. It seems that Jordan Zion 1 is unsuitable to Zion Williamson. The soft Air Stobel is also unsuitable to the playing way of Zion Williamson. The design is not very strong.

Overall, it’s hard for me to exert the force in the beginning, so I’m disappointed at it. But after changing to use forefoot sole to exert the force, I think Jordan Zion 1 is very comfortable, the feedback also can be fast. Normally, the inner lines basketball shoes are heavy, especially for Zion Williamson, so many guys don’t have the expectation for the weight of Jordan Zion 1. But actually, Jordan Zion 1 is lighter than many defenders’ shoes, even if comparing with the brand-new NIKE GT low type shoes. The light weight is a surprise.