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DELTA TRI OP Performance Review

I have been obsessed with running for 6 years, during which, I’ve tried many different running shoes. And among my running shoes, one of my favorite is the Descente . But it is quite strange that I can not remember the brand name clearly,  but I am rather impressed by the Descante logo. Maybe it is because of the special meaning behind it: it not only represents the brand, but also the spirit of pursuing excellence and bold innovation.

DELTA TRI OP is a high performance running shoe developed in collaboration with the Swiss National Triathlon Team. And since I am quite lucky to have gotten this running shoes, I hope this review can do some help for you.

The shoe box is light gray on the outside, which looks not so striking while the logo in the middle of the box is eye-catching and stylish.

There are mainly two colorways of the DELTA TRI OP, which are black and red while the one I got here is bright red  on the whole and has  a strong sense of visual impact. The shoe body is slender and narrow and without much fancy decoration on the outside, the shoe looks very simple but elegant at the same time.

The upper is made of P.W Upper engineering mesh with excellent air and water permeability which should be credited to the mesh holes inset which is quite visible with our naked eyes, and the vamp is also very thin and breathable.

Between the sole and vamp, a thermoplastic patch is used  to improve the durability of the shoe and prevent the toe from being too soft, which can result in sufficient support and protect the toe. And the reinforced crashproof toe which is slightly upwarped can offer the runner kind of thwart. Besides, the mesh holes on the vamp, to some extent, reduce the weight of the shoes and make it very comfortable to wear.

As for the midsole, it is equipped with a unique DELTA SYSTEM,a fabric based self-reinforcing KaRVO plastic laminates with high rigidity, which can not only keep the midsole ultra-light, but also stabilize the shoe body, increase flexibility and provide strong thrust. And the ring at the heel is designed here to help put on and take off shoes quickly. In the middle of the insole also lies a white Descente logo which is  iconic.

The shoe is also special in that DESCENTE makes use of the innovative sewing bonding technology, which makes it possible for runners to wear the shoes barefoot. And even in that case,  the wrapping is still very nice and comfortable.

The black rubber sole is made of graphene, which makes the sole durable and wear-resistant. Combined with special triangular groove design, the sole has a strong grip on the ground and can prevent slipping on wet grounds.

For the cushion, it can be easily felt. When I was warming up before exercising, I could obviously felt the soft cushion and the responsive feedback.


To sum up, the DELTA TRI OP aims at making up the slow of pace caused by fatigue. And the designer has integrates the excellent air and water permeability, the nice midsole, and durable soles into the shoe, making it  especially suitable for professional runners and runners with the pursuit of speed for daily training.